Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pssst....I'm Not Here Today!

Hey yall!
If you're looking for me, hop on over to April's blog Wolfelicious. She is graciously letting me guest post today! While you're there, follow her! She always has some awesome resources and ideas :)

My apologies for how this post might look...I'm posting from my phone at the lake!

Happy Memorial Day yall! Thank a soldier today :)

Favorite Fonts Linky

Hey yall!

So, I really feel like I've neglected this lil ol' blog here lately. I know I warned you, and I knew that it was going to be crazy, but still....I feel bad.

And honestly? I have been a little bit at a loss about what to blog about. I mean, I'm on summer vacation and do not have a teaching job lined up for next year...yet. I desparately want to prepare things for a new classroom, but I don't have a classroom to prepare for. What if I make all this great stuff for a 1st grade class, and then end up teaching 5th? Or worse...what if I don't get a job at all?

I have some lofty goals to create lots of Pinterest projects over the summer, so I'm looking into doing a series on that. Also, I have tons of ideas swirling around in my head for classroom theme sets. But so far? Nada.

As I was browsing the web and downloading some new fonts tonight, I realized that new fonts make me happy. Like, stupid happy. Is that weird? There's nothing better than finding a super cute font to make your day....or maybe that's just me? But I don't think it is! I'm sure others out there have font obsessions....right???

So I've decided to host my very first linky party!!! And guess what it's about? Fonts!

Graphics by The 3AM Teacher

So grab the graphic and tell me all about your favorite fonts. Which fonts are your "go-tos," which fonts do you use for student work, which fonts do you use for parent letters, which fonts do you use for classroom signs and posters, which fonts do you use for fun or silly things, etc. Hopefully, we can all find a couple of new favorite fonts :)

Here are my favorites (I have quite a few...)

So....what are your favorite fonts? Link up below!!!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Apologies and a Winner!

Hey yall! Well, we made it! It took 3 whole days of packing/moving, but we made it!

Currently, all of our belongings are in a nearby storage unit. Our house is occupied by renters until September, and my parents have graciously offered to let us stay with them for the next 3 months, which we are so thankful for. However, this means that we just have to move again in a few months! Talk about stressful!

So I apologize for my absence :)

Anywhooo.....I was so excited to see so many people enter my giveaway!

The winner is...

Congrats, Laura! I will be emailing you shortly to get info for your prize. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer Time.....a Giveaway!

Hey friends! It is officially summer time (for me anyhow)!

Congrats to all you wonderful teachers out there that have made it through another year. I'm not sure about you, but I feel like it really flew by!

Life is hectic. Super hectic.

Yesterday, I finished packing up my classroom. You don't realize how much stuff you have, until it is all packed in boxes. Well, *14* boxes and 3 big storage containers later, my room was packed :)

Now, I am turning my focus on the house. We pick up the UHaul tomorrow, and will be in Augusta by Thursday afternoon. Weeee!

Since I'm so busy right now, I have no time for blogstalking :(

So to make up for it, I decided to have a giveaway....yay!

One lucky winner will receive a $25 giftcard to Barnes & Noble! This is perfect to pick up some books to read while lounging on the beach :) My recommendation? 50 Shades series :) Do some research before reading, though...or else you may be in for a shock!

Here's how to enter my giveaway:
1. Follow me and leave a comment with your email address. Required.
2. "Like" me on Facebook and leave a comment with your email address. Required.
3. Share this giveaway and leave a comment with your email address and the link to your post. Optional.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy :)

Happy Summer, friends!!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Countdown: Days 2 & 1....Summer!!!

Hey yall!!!

Schoooooool's out for summer!!!!!


Yesterday was our last day of school. It was a bittersweet day for me, since I had to say goodbye for good to all my sweet littles. I cried...and cried....and cried.

I cried when a few of my sweeties brought me a couple of gifts.

I cried when the whole class presented me with a scrapbook they had made.

I cried when one of my little's dads told me how much a difference I had made in his child's life and gave me a big hug.

I cried when I had to hug each and every one of them goodbye.

Get the picture? I was quite the mess...

We have one day of postplanning on Monday, and then that's it! I will *officially* be unemployed, which is beyond scary. Fingers crossed that I will find something soon!

Okay, so here were our balloons for the last couple days of school.

Day 2

This guy said that we got extra recess! We had our end-of-the-year party planned for this day, so I knew they would need to run off all that sugar! Good planning on my part :) I'll post later with pictures from our party...we had a blast!

Day 1

Game day!

Again, this was strategically planned, as I knew that I would be packing up the room and needed the littles to entertain themselves.

We had a couple of guest readers that stopped by throughout the day, including the 25 year old brother of one of my students.

We also watched one of the Star Wars movies over the course of the 2 days. I officially became the best. teacher. ever.

Today, I treated myself to a little 'school's out' mani/pedi :)

The color is a little loud, but I love it!

I began the packing process, because we are moving in less than a week! I am majorly not at all freaking out...

Sooo....if you don't see much of me, you know why :)

Good luck to everyone's last few weeks of school! Hope they are as good as mine were!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Countdown: Days 4 & 3 and Parent/Room Mom Gifts!

Hey yall! Do you like that looong post name? Ha!

We are down to 2 days, yall! I'm going to let that sink in....


...still sinking...

can you believe it? I know, I know, you are so jealous :) and I don't blame you. I would be jealous, too!

But your time will come!

Day 4 balloon

This guy said that we would be having a popsicle party! Whoo-hoo! And I remembed to actually bring the popsicles to school...go me!

I didn't plan this one well, though, because we also had our summer birthday party planned for that day. So my littles had popsicles after lunch, and cupcakes in the afternoon. Yikes! Oh well, that's what the end of the year is for, right?

Day 3 balloon

This one said movie day! This one was well planned. Today was our field day, but instead of having it all day for all grades, they split it up. Kindergarten thru 2nd grade had it in the morning, and 3rd thru 5th had it in the afternoon. I was totally fine with this, except we were wondering what in the world to do with 71 hyped up 7 year olds??? So.....we decided we would just watch a movie in the afternoon :)

I really want to post some pictures of our field day, but I haven't uploaded them yet.

I do, however, have these little gems...

That would be our whole entire school being blasted by a firehose from a firetruck. It. Was. Awesome.

Okay, now I am super exicted to show you guys these gifts I have been working on :)
I had seen this idea on Pinterest (I wonder how many times I say that in a day...), and knew that I wanted to make it for my parents. This idea came from Nicole at First Grade Owls.

However, my printer did not like the labels that were provided and kept messing them up, so I had to make my own. Here's how mine turned out.

I think they turned out pretty good. I would share the tags with you, but I honestly just googled the picture, and I need to get permission from Nicole about the wording. So I will get back to you on that one...

Anyways, these are the little treats that I am giving to the majority of my parents. However, I did make something special for my room moms.

Did I mention that I have 6 room moms??? A little excessive, I know, but it worked for me :)

Here is what I made for them...

It's strawberry shortcake in a mason jar. The tag says "We would have come up short without you!" and the tag for the bag says "Thank you berry much for all of your help this year! From, Mrs. Lemacks"

You like?

I am sooo happy with these, and I hope my room moms love them! They look awfully tasty, too :)

Click here for the tags for those, in case you want to make your own :)

Okay, I have to go finish the rest. Would you believe that I only finished one, just so I could take pictures and blog about it? Ha! Five left :)

Monday, May 14, 2012

Countdown: Day 5...Crafting Galore!

Hey yall! We are down to 4 days!!!

This gives me extreme excitement and great anxiety both...at the same time.

Excitement? Well, that's obvious. I shouldn't have to spell it out for you.

But I will :)

Excitement because of summer! Sleeping in! Laying out! Swimming! Vacations! Family time!

Anxiety? Whew, lots of it.

Being unemployed. Moving. Starting grad school. Packing up my whole entire life...

I will *officially* be unemployed in 1 week from today. Yikes.

Please pray that I will find a new school home...somewhere...and fast :)

Okay, on with the countdown! Here was our balloon for today.

Our activity? Switch classes!

Of course, I was totally prepared for this one :)

My teamies and I had already planned a day where we would each teach each other's classes for a lesson. We all chose something fun for the end-of-the-year, and planned to have each class for about 45 minutes.

My lesson/craftivity came straight from Alisha at The Bubbly Blonde. I had seen her Rockin' Guitar Craftivity and immediately fell in love. I was planning on making some sort of rock & roll themed craft, but why reinvent the wheel, right? And her's was just way amazing, and I most certainly couldn't have competed with that!

I didn't let the kids know what we were making, though, and their guesses had me cracking up...

They kept saying we were making a snowman....silly kids!

Finally, they got the picture and they turned out really cute!

These, of course, turned out super cute as well!

And my other teamie made thumbprint pictures. These were my favorite!!!

She printed out a picture of a tree on cardstock, then had every student in the class put their thumbprint as leaves. I added my thumbprint and turned it into an owl, of course :) The kiddos then colored the rest of the picture, I added the year at the bottom, and laminated them.

I really think they are incredible!

My teamie had the kids make one for me as well, so I am going to frame it and hang it in my next classroom...wherever that may be!

Okay, gotta go work on my room mom gifts!

P.S. Did you notice the little badge on the left sidebar? Voting starts today, and I would really appreciate a vote :) Thank!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Countdown: Days 7 & 6 and Mother's Day!

Hey yall! Happy Friday!!!

On with the countdown...5 days left, yall!!!

Here was our balloon for Day 7.

Our activity for the day? Dance party!!!

This was my favorite by far...and I think it was their favorite, too! I cranked up the music and we all just let loose! It was such an awesome way to end a Thursday :) and they thought I was the best teacher ever for dancing with them!

Here was our balloon for Day 6.

This little goodie give me heart palpitations, because it said bubble blowing contest, and I completely forgot to get bubble gum! Drat!

But then, a few of my sweeties said that they didn't know how to blow a bubble. So then we voted on whether or not we wanted to have a bubble blowing contest or a balloon blowing contest. Thankfully, they chose balloons!

This was the winner. Umm...can you believe the size of this thing???

After we took our last test of the year, we worked on our Mother's Day crafts. My teamie had gotten this little unit from Hadar, and it turned out completely adorable!

I just love reading what they wrote!

So glad her mom "forgets to be grumpy" :)
This little sweetie's mom might weigh 120...tops! Ha!

Loved the picture of his mom! He said she looked "elegant" :)
Love the shades!
 They thought it was completely awesome that the little purse had a handle. They were crackin' me up walking around with them-even my boys!

Thanks, Hadar, for the amazing craftivity!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day! I am currently visiting my mommy :) and just spent the last hour helping her get some favors made for the Mother's Day brunch at her church tomorrow.