Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Super Classroom: 2016-2017

Hey yall!

I'm not sure about you, but we are officially back in the swing of things at school. This is week 3 and we are FINALLY ready to dig into some meaningful learning! Every year, I forget how difficult it is to set those routines and expectations. I wonder just why don't they get it! 

But then, after 2 full weeks of practicing, practicing, practicing, we were ready to finally start some station/small group work today. And let me tell you....these kids blew me away!!!
My teacher heart was just bursting with pride with how well they did today. 
Seriously, you guys!

Since we are finally in the swing of things, I figured it's time to show you are space!
Last year, the whole 3rd grade team decided to go with a superhero theme. Since I have a huge navy wall and red cabinets, my choice was of course....Superman!

So here it is, my Superman themed classroom:

Room 112. The "Welcome" banner can be found in my Superheroes pack.

Superman sign from Hobby Lobby.

This area houses our sink, tissues, hand sanitizer, clipboards, crayons, pencil sharpener, turn-in basket, and extra copies.

Classroom jobs can be found in my Superheroes pack.
"I Am Done!" sign from First Grade Fancy

Our writing board, reading buddies, standing table, and station cart.

The station cart holds all of our stations. The basket on top is housed with dry erase markers, erasers, and cleaner

This is where we house extra supplies.

Another close up of our writing board!
Writing board from Chrissy Beltran
Punctuation posters from One Fab Teacher
Writing pencil from The Teacher Wife
Pencil banner from Target
Stools from Target
Reading buddies from Kohls
Alphabet line from my Superheroes pack

This is where my students turn in their homework and where I stuff papers that need to go home.
Parts of speech posters from Middle Grades Maven
Notebook paper banner from Target

I snagged these headphones from WalMart...only $7 a piece, yall!

Our Kindle station and chapter book library. We currently have 6 Kindles...I would like at least 4 more!

Our computer station. They are old and don't always work...fingers crossed for new computers this year!
We are the lions, so ROAR is our school motto.

Our picture book and audio book library.
EEKK sign from Rachel Lamb
Big Books sign from Rachel Lamb

Yes, I put a couch in my classroom! I bought new couches for my home this Spring, and I had this love seat just taking up space in my office. I figured it would get much more use here at school. And...I was right!

Our small group table. The bulletin boards will hold anchor charts and vocabulary cards.

Love my vinyl! But thinking I need to add a little Superman above the words...

My desk area

Love my little space!
Supply holder from IKEA
Ceramic pencil from Target

My desk wouldn't be complete without a pic of my beloved late husband.
And I absolutely LOVE this quote from Deanna!

This houses my Elmo, printer, other important papers, and of course, pictures of some previous classes.

Homeworkopoly board from Joey Udovich
Hand signs from Rachel Lamb
No-name sign from Target
Schedule cards coming soon to my store!

This is our lunch choice area.
Reading comprehension posters from Lyndsey Kuster {no longer available}

Cubbies an book boxes.
White book boxes from IKEA
Reading genres posters from the tattooed teacher

Still need to pick up some gumballs for my machine!
Birthday signs from my store

Calendar from my Superheroes pack

 These it is, folks! My little slice of heaven for the year.
All of those superhero words you see hanging around the room are from Oriental Trading.
I have a few more finishing touches to add here and there, but overall I am loving our space!

Happy school year, friends!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Back to School Giveaway

Hey yall!
That time a year is upon us...well, some of us anyway! It's back to school time!

So, some friends and I have teamed up and we are giving away a $40 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card for you to spend at the back to school sale that is happening August 1-2!
Here are the amazing teacher-bloggers that are bringing you this gift card! Click on the blog buttons to go to their blogs. Then, below each button is a link to the stores where you can add lots of things to your cart for the SALE!

Make sure you head here to enter the giveaway for a $40 TpT gift card! Good luck!

Monday, February 8, 2016

A Fresh Start

Hey yall!
(or to my one reader that's left...)
So it's been over 9 months since I lost my hubby. There have been ups and downs, but I feel as though I am generally in a good space. I still have my moments, and sometimes these moments last for hours, but for the most part, I am happy and content with my new life.
Except there was this one thing that I had closed off and refused to acknowledge.
His room.
Now, it wasn't really his room, rather our guest room.
But since our house is on the small side, including closet space, he kept his things in our guest room and I kept my things in the master bedroom.
We affectionately called it "his room."
I didn't pester him about keeping it clean, and he was able to decorate however he liked.
The door to "his room" has been closed for the last 9 months, and I only ventured in when I truly needed something from there. It was just too hard to see all his things and it became a huge source of sadness for me. So I just avoided the room altogether.
But the time finally came where I was ready for a change.
A fresh start, if you will.
So I decided to redecorate "his room" and turn it in to what it is truly meant to be-a guest room.
I have spent the last few weeks gathering items for this room, and I finally tackled it this weekend.
Here's what the room looked like before:

Pretty generic.
But here is how it looks now!
Daybed: WalMart
Comforter: Target
Pillows: Target


A fresh coat of paint and new knobs made this Goodwill desk and chair look brand new!

I had some of the amazing pictures I took in Paris printed in black and white.
Frames: WalMart

A little spray paint on those stars gave them a whole new look!

Another picture I took in Holland and had printed.
Frame: Ikea
Candle: Target

Lamp: Home Depot

Nightstand: Ikea
Clock and Flower: Kirklands

This is one of my favorite pictures of Amsterdam!
Corkboard and hooks: TJ Maxx

Another pretty picture I took in Amsterdam!

Canvas: Home Goods
Bucket: Ikea
Bird: Kirklands
Dresser: WalMart (I didn't like the knobs that came with it, so I snagged these from Lowes)
 I am so in love with my new guest room!
It is very girly and most definitely me!
Now this room is no longer a place of sadness, but a pretty place for my guests to lay their heads.
So.......who's coming for a visit???