Wednesday, May 28, 2014

It's All Good! Groovy Cat Classroom

Hey yall!
Guess what????
This girl is officially on summer break...hallelujah!
Hello 10 weeks of sunshine and happiness :)
So how did I spend my first day of summer break?
By creating a new classroom décor pack, of course!
And this one features one groovy cat!
This pack features:
*Attendance/Transportation Signs: 8 different transportation options and blank editable signs
*Calendar Buddies: days of the week header and cards, months of the year header and cards, "today is," "tomorrow is," and "yesterday was" cards, and calendar cards 1-31 with special holidays
*Alphabet posters: Primer print font with both print and cursive posters
*Desk Tags: 8 different styles to choose from {EDITABLE}
*Table Tags: for up to 6 different tables
*Clock Labels: labels for corresponding minutes
*Classroom Jobs: 22 different classroom jobs and EDITABLE student cards
Check out my TPT store to snag this set!
Now, I'm off to start my break yall :)
Happy summer!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

10 Things I Want to Do This Summer

Hey yall!
Schoooooooooool's OUT for SUMMER!!!
The kiddos last day was Friday, and even though I have to go back Tuesday and Wednesday for post-planning, I'm already enjoying my summer break :)
This summer is going to be a little bit different for me, because I'm going to be working! I'm going to be babysitting for a family friend fulltime over the summer months, so my schedule isn't going to be super flexible like usual. So I thought I would link up with Deanna to focus myself on things that I can do this summer!
Here are the top 10 things I'm going to do this summer {in no particular order}:
1. Pool time...lots of it!
Okay, so this is not the actual pool that I'll be spending time at. But the family I'm babysitting for does have a pretty nice pool! So pool time will definitely be happening....every. single. day.
2. Running or spinning every day.
They also have a great little gym room, complete with a treadmill and stationary bike. So I have absolutely no excuses!
3. Create new classroom décor sets.
The summer is my best and busiest time for TPT. As teachers are deciding on their classroom themes for the next year, I'm going to be busy cranking out lots of new décor sets. I currently have 10 different sets available in my store, with tons of coordinating items. My goal is to create at least 5 new sets this summer.
4. Look for new positions.
I love my firsties. First grade definitely has my heart, and I would love nothing more than to stay as a first grade teacher. However, I feel like its time for me to move on to a new position in a new school, either with my current county or in a different one. So I will be spending the summer actively pursuing other positions that may become available and praying that God has the perfect place for me to be.
5. Organize my library.
Teacher confession: I have never taken the time to level my classroom library.
Honestly. I've just thrown books in baskets and let my kiddos dig through them.
I really have no good reason for why, except for that I've just never taken the time to do it.
So this summer, my goal is to decide on which way I want to organize them-by levels or by genre.
I also need to purchase all new book baskets, because the ones I've been using from the Dollar Tree this year are all but destroyed.
Any book baskets that you just LOVE???
Here are some libraries that I envy:
this blog post has SO many tips to organize your classroom library
Love the organized classroom library and LOVE the crates on their sides with a cushion on top for seating!!
Half the classroom library
6. Read!
I LOVE to read, especially when I'm spending the day pool side. I've got a couple of books on my 'must-read' list, but I'm always looking for recommendations! What are some of your favorite books?
5summerreads Top 5 Must Read Books for Summer 2014
7. Visit with family.
I'm dying to go spend some time with this sweet girl.
My niece Brooklyn <3
8. Time with friends.
I'm planning on getting lots of face time with these sweet friends!
9. Shop for peacock décor!
I've decided to retire my owl theme and move on to a different kind of bird...peacock! I just loved my new Peacock Themed Classroom set so much, that I decided to use it in my own classroom next year!
So now I'm on the hunt for more peacock stuff :)
10. VEGAS!!!
I'm am ridiculously excited about going to VEGAS this summer for the first ever TPT conference!!! I'm also going to be attending the HUGE teacher/blogger meet-up as well, so I'll get to meet my blogger idols! I swear, I'll probably be like a giddy schoolgirl :)
Side note: do you  know how long it took me to write this post???
I kept getting started on some of these things....looking up classroom libraries on Pinterest, looking at clipart for new décor packs, researching good book baskets, and checking out different books!
Sheesh....I better get started on this list!!!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cheap and Easy Bulletin Boards

Hey yall!
We are down to the very last week, folks!
Only 5 little days {plus 2 post-planning days} stand between myself and 10 glorious weeks of summer.
Although I've never been blessed to stay in the same room for more than one year, I know that some teachers like to prepare their bulletin boards for the next year before they head out for the summer. I would honestly LOVE to be able to do this, but have had no such luck.
Four years, four different classrooms.
So for you lucky teachers that get to stick around for awhile, I wanted to share a cheap, easy, and fun bright idea!
I really love using plastic tablecloths for bulletin boards for a couple different reasons.
1. They're cheap. I buy the 99 cent plastic tablecloths from Wal-Mart. The price is right for a poor teacher like me!
2. They're durable. The plastic holds up pretty well, as long as you don't put tape on it.
Plastic + tape = major rippage
3. They're vibrant! Tablecloths don't fade or lose their color overtime, like butcher paper. The color stays bright all year long.
4. Fun patterns! Nowadays, you can get plastic tablecloths in lots of fun patterns. I mostly stick with solid colors, but last year I picked up that fun chevron tablecloth above and it made a HUGE statement for my bulletin board!

Here are some of my boards from this year that I used tablecloths on.
You do have to really make sure that you get all the wrinkles out though!
I obviously didn't do a good job on my genre board up there....yikes!
Those wrinkles are driving me crazy just looking at that picture!
But its also an easy fix! Just smooth and staple :)
Alright folks, I'm off to check out all the other bright ideas out there!
You should do the same :)

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

End of the Year Freebies

Hey yall! Happy hump day!
As the year is quickly coming to a close (12 days!!!!), I wanted to share some freebies that will help with those end-of-the-year gifts. These are all gifts I've given in the past few years and they all have one thing in!
Let's start with students.
My class sizes have been pretty consistently large each year, so I'm always trying to find something that won't break the bank. This year I've got 25 kiddos, so cheap is the goal!
My first year teaching, my teamies and stayed up all night baking our kiddos cookies. Seriously...we had a slumber party and baked like 75 giant flower cookies. It was most definitely a labor of love.
As you can see, the tags were super simple...but they got the message across! Lucky for you, I've made some cute new ones :) Get those here.
My second year of teaching, I upped the ante a little. Another slumber party ensued (are you noticing a pattern, here??) with my best teaching buddy and we made these adorable tile frames.
Again, another labor of love.
Last year, I *sniff, sniff* didn't have my best buddy anymore, so I was all alone during my gift-making stage. I decided EASY was the way to go.
I ran up to the dollar tree to get inspired and ended up finding some cool tie dye sunglasses. I snagged them up (thankfully, there was enough!) and whipped up a simple tag. Grab those here.
Boom. Student gifts.....done!
These were a HUGE hit people! Look at those cool kids!
I'm *almost* positive this is what I'm doing for my class this year.
Now...let's move on to parent/room mom gifts.
My first couple of years teaching, I was beyond blessed to have amazing parental support.
I mean, seriously....they spoiled me.
I didn't realize how spoiled I had gotten until I started teaching at my current school, where parental involvement is almost non-existent.
So, I wanted to do something special for my room moms (yes, plural...I had 3 one year and 4 the next!).
The first year I made these yummy fortune cookies and threw in a Starbucks gift card.
The tag was simple at the time, but I have since revamped it and added it here.
The second year, I was also thinking food :)
That was the year all the mason jar gifts were getting big, so I came up with these.
Strawberry pudding shortcake....pure yumminess!
You can snag those tags here.
That year, I also made these little treats (a Pinterest find) for the rest of my parents.
Those tags can be found here.
Alright yall, I'm off to do some serious TPT shopping. There's only a few hours left in the sale!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

We {heart} Teachers.....SALE!

Hey yall! Happy Sunday!
This week is Teacher Appreciation Week.
Honestly, I don't expect to even receive one ounce of appreciation from my students, parents, or administration. In fact, I would be willing to bet that those words are not even mentioned this week at all.
Which is really sad, yall.
Everyone wants to feel appreciated, right? And I'm no different.
However, I do appreciate all of you wonderful teachers!
And that's why on May 6-7, I'm putting everything in my store 20% off.
TPT is getting in on the action, too! Just use the promo code TPTXO at checkout to receive an additional 10% off.
Click the button below to ready your carts!
Now is the time to stock up to get you through the rest of the year.
You might be interested in...
Or you might want to snag my newest classroom décor set....peacocks!
Now, for all my faithful followers, a little treat!
Leave me a comment below telling me how many days of school you have left and I'll send you a little FREEBIE! Don't forget to leave your email address!