Monday, August 26, 2013

Carolina Blogger Meetup {a few weeks late!}

Hey yall! Its Monday again....wah, wah.
Charlie Brown: I wonder if my teacher gets tired of saying "WAH wa Wah all day...?
But now I'm home in my pjs and my computer, so I'm a happy camper :)
Is it just me, or do you always seem to forget how exhausting the beginning of a new school year is??? It always seems to take me off guard!
Since I'm still too tired to share any of the stuff we've been doing this week, I thought I would *finally* blog about the amazing Carolina blogger meetup we had a couple of weeks ago!
I started the trip by meeting up with Brandy and Elizabeth.
Photo from Ginger.

They live just over the border from me, so we decided to road trip together to good ol' Greenville. I had so much fun getting to know these ladies on the way up!

We met up with our roomies Elisabeth and Amber at the beautiful Westin.

Photo from Amber.

Amber had the right idea when she busted out the wine and her handy electric opener.

We got dressed and met some other ladies at the hotel bar for cocktail hour, then walked to the restaurant. We ate at the Lazy Goat, which had such an amazing view!

At the restaurant, we met up with some pretty incredible ladies!

Photos from Ginger.
After dinner, we headed over to a brand new piano bar that opened in Greenville called Jack and Diane's. Let me tell you....we came strolling up twenty-something deep to a bar that had a line wrapped around the block. I felt like VIP when they opened up the velvet ropes just for us!

I'll share some photos from this part of the evening, but as for the rest....well, let's just say what happens in G-Vegas, stays in G-Vegas!

Photo from Ashley.

The next day, the roomies and I did a little browsing in downtown Greenville and checked out the local farmer's market.

Photo from Elisabeth.

Photos from Ginger.

We met up with the rest of the ladies for lunch at Chicora Alley...oh my, was it good!!!

Photos from Ginger.

Amanda went above and beyond for the rest of us ladies...look at all these adorable party favors!

Photo from Ginger.

Photo from Ginger.

A HUGE thank you to Amanda for setting this all up for us, and Ginger for being our resident photographer :)

Can't wait for next year's meet up ladies.....beach bound!!!

Here's a list of all the lovely ladies I got to meet and get to know a little more. Be sure to check out their blogs!

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The Charleston girls - so jealous of your location and loved talking with you at lunch.  I say we have next year's meet-up in your zip code! :)

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