Friday, October 10, 2014

Five for Friday

Hey yall! Happy Friday!
Can I get an amen for 3 day weekends???
I sooo need to relax and recharge!
It's been awhile, so I'd thought I link up with Casey today.
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If you teach third grade Social Studies, you have to get this book! It is an adorable little book about Congress and tells a great story on how a bill becomes a law.
Squeaker of the House....ha! 
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 One of my little girls drew this for me at recess the other day.
Is it a bad thing that my kiddos have noticed my addiction to caffeine???
I'm choosing to focus on the fact that I look super skinny and have apparently have impeccable style :)
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Along with our study of the government, we've been talking about the executive branch and, of course, the president. We don't have a ton of time to do fun crafts in third grade, but I managed to sneak in these adorable Obama crafts along with their executive branch writing.
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I am so in love with the new Jamberry styles, yall! Especially the holiday-themed wraps.
Each week in October, I'll be sporting different Halloween nails.
This week....candy corn!
Want to check out all the different holiday styles?
Shop here!
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I got two sweet little gifts today.
One of my sweeties brought me this tiny pumpkin.
She knows how much I adore fall :)
Another sweetie told me she was at Wal-Mart and saw this big bin of duct tape.
"I know you already have peacock duct tape, Mrs. Lemacks, can never have enough!"
Talk about filling my bucket!
What have YOU been up to this week???


  1. Love the president craft and writing!!

  2. Seeing your presidents reminds me to do something like that for conference day,maybe telling about why we are a good student. Thank you!!

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