Thursday, October 2, 2014


Hey yall!
It is officially my favorite month of the year!
Hello October!!!
I'm so ready for the breezy fall weather, but apparently Georgia hasn't gotten the memo. Its still almost 90 degrees round these parts!
But that's okay, because we had nice weather yesterday at our Mini Greek Olympics.
We've been studying Ancient Greece and the influence it has had on our country for the past couple of weeks.
We talked about their government, architecture, and of course....sports!
As a culminating activity for our unit, the third grade hosted a Mini Greek Olympics.
I decided to go all out and sport a toga for the day.
A couple of my teammates dressed up, too!
We had four events.
Javelin Throw (pool noodles)
Discus Toss (Frisbees)
Foot Race (we did a relay race for this one, but I forgot to snap a picture)
and a Chariot Race (scooter boards)
Our winners received traditional olive leaf wreaths (of course!), but we also had some really cool "medals" that a parent made.
Isn't that awesome? Our mascot is the lion, so he added an emblem to the medal. So creative!
It was such a blast and really brought the Olympics to life for the kiddos!
And I've decided I'm going to wear a toga about once a week from now on...I got so many dang compliments from all the students!
Now I leave you with some pictures of adorable thirdsters in togas...
(on a side note, I am now an expert toga-tier! I tied about 234 togas yesterday :)


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