Monday, December 3, 2012

Winner, Elf Fun, and Monday Made It {whew!}

Hey yall!
Are you ready for this? It's a long one :)
Today our Elf on a Shelf came to visit!
It started when our para brought me some packages. She said they had been delivered that day at the school...and they were for our class!

The package was ice cold! We found a note on the package and learned that it was all the way from the North Pole! The note was from Santa, explaining about his little helper that he was sending to us.
When we opened up the little box, out came our elf! Then we unwrapped the other package and found a book! We read it to learn all about how to treat our elf.
The book said to name him, so I took some suggestions and then picked the top 3. My littles then voted on the 3 and the winner was.....Jack!
Jack sure is a mischevious little fellow....when we left to go to specials, that sneaky guy moved all our clips alll the way down to orange! He hung around to see our reaction.

After the shrieks (and a few tears!) died down, we wondered why Jack had moved all our clips down to orange. We concluded that he must have been trying to tell us we have been naughty today {which, in fact, they were}. We discussed how to change our behavior so that Jack would have a good report for Santa.
Don't the time we came back from recess, good ol' Jack had moved everybody right back up :) 

Now...onto my Monday Made It! I am linking up with Tara for her monthly party.

Remember those READ letters that were all the rage of pinterest-addicted fiends over the summer? Well, I took that concept, but made it Christmasy :)
They are helping to make my mantle more festive.
Now....onto the winner from my 100,000 pageview giveaway! I was supposed to pick a winner last night...but you know how that goes...
And the winner is....Cindi!!!

Yay congrats Cindi! I am so excited she won, because I got to meet this fun lady over the summer when I was in Gatlinburg! We met in the mountains with Kerri and chatted for hours! Such a great time :)
Whew! Did you make it??? I barely did :)
Night, friends!

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  1. I'm so excited!! I so enjoyed meeting you and Kerri and hope we can do it again! Thank you again so much! Can't wait to use it!


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