Monday, February 8, 2016

A Fresh Start

Hey yall!
(or to my one reader that's left...)
So it's been over 9 months since I lost my hubby. There have been ups and downs, but I feel as though I am generally in a good space. I still have my moments, and sometimes these moments last for hours, but for the most part, I am happy and content with my new life.
Except there was this one thing that I had closed off and refused to acknowledge.
His room.
Now, it wasn't really his room, rather our guest room.
But since our house is on the small side, including closet space, he kept his things in our guest room and I kept my things in the master bedroom.
We affectionately called it "his room."
I didn't pester him about keeping it clean, and he was able to decorate however he liked.
The door to "his room" has been closed for the last 9 months, and I only ventured in when I truly needed something from there. It was just too hard to see all his things and it became a huge source of sadness for me. So I just avoided the room altogether.
But the time finally came where I was ready for a change.
A fresh start, if you will.
So I decided to redecorate "his room" and turn it in to what it is truly meant to be-a guest room.
I have spent the last few weeks gathering items for this room, and I finally tackled it this weekend.
Here's what the room looked like before:

Pretty generic.
But here is how it looks now!
Daybed: WalMart
Comforter: Target
Pillows: Target


A fresh coat of paint and new knobs made this Goodwill desk and chair look brand new!

I had some of the amazing pictures I took in Paris printed in black and white.
Frames: WalMart

A little spray paint on those stars gave them a whole new look!

Another picture I took in Holland and had printed.
Frame: Ikea
Candle: Target

Lamp: Home Depot

Nightstand: Ikea
Clock and Flower: Kirklands

This is one of my favorite pictures of Amsterdam!
Corkboard and hooks: TJ Maxx

Another pretty picture I took in Amsterdam!

Canvas: Home Goods
Bucket: Ikea
Bird: Kirklands
Dresser: WalMart (I didn't like the knobs that came with it, so I snagged these from Lowes)
 I am so in love with my new guest room!
It is very girly and most definitely me!
Now this room is no longer a place of sadness, but a pretty place for my guests to lay their heads.
So.......who's coming for a visit???


  1. You did a beautiful job! I can only imagine how hard it was for you! Still praying and thinking about you :)

  2. It's gorgeous, Natalie! You're such an incredibly strong woman. Sending lots of love!


  3. Beautiful. I Know Wesley is proud of you from Heaven!! My hubby has "his room" with all his junk, too!!! ;)

  4. Mee!!! I want to visit! :) So proud of you. I *might* be a bit misty. :) XOXO

  5. Natalie- you are truly a beautiful and amazing woman! The room is absolutely the prettiest guest room ever!

  6. Such a beautiful job you did! Any guest would be lucky to stay there!

  7. You are about to have a big slumber party... I'll be there and bring cookies! The new room is stunning and you have claimed another bit of a bright future.

  8. The room is gorgeous! I love the color of the little nightstand. You are such a role model for strength! Thanks for sharing.
    Fantastic First Grade Froggies 

  9. Simply beautiful! And I'm pretty sure you have more than one follower left... ;) Your strength is inspiring. Thank you!
    Tech Teacher Tidbits
    ~Formerly known as Hopelessly Devoted~

  10. I have been reading your posts for quite some time now and have felt completely heartbroken for you! I think that you have more strength than you probably give yourself credit for. I hope that those pictures were from trips that you took together. What lovely places you have been to, and if so, such a beautiful reminder of the time you shared. Your guest room looks great! I am definitely girly, too! No shame :) Best wishes and lots of prayers!


  11. I love the room! It looks beautiful! You continue to inspire me with your strength. Keeping you in my prayers.

  12. Natalie, so sorry for your loss and the grieving you experienced. Just yesterday I spoke with a couple from church at Ash Wednesday service who celebrated their 71st wedding anniversary last week. I asked what their secret was and Mrs. Bird replied "just take one day at a time". I met my husband about 3 months after he became a widower. He had been at such depths of grief before I met him and had been very reluctant to be introduced to me. But he took that step because he was ready to 're-dream', to re-start his life. After a whirlwind of dating and short engagement of 7 months, we married and last month we celebrated our 20th anniversary. Survivor's guilt/partnership guilt is rough but those still on earth have to keep on living. You've shown with the 9 months (like a cocoon) that have passed since his death your mourning/deep grief is over and now with the guest room's fresh redecoration (like a butterfly)you've shown life resurrected. Best wishes as you continue this new chapter of singlehood in your life's journey. (The new decorating colors of turquoise and coral are trendy and very refreshing looking in your photos! Very cheerful!)

  13. So glad you have come to a place of peace! Love what you did with the room. I love the nightstand. Hugs!

  14. I hope you will keep writing more posts in future.

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