Friday, January 20, 2012

Evidence of my exhaustion

Whew, we made it! 100 whole days of school, come and gone. Today was a whirlwind of activities and I felt every. single. minute. This girl is T-I-R-E-D. Okay, here we go....see if you can keep up (I know I hardly could!!!)

I work at a charter school, so we have a school uniform. But (Mrs. Lemacks, you said not to start a sentence with but!) once a month everyone gets a dress down day. Our dress down day for January just happened to be today, the 100th day. So, what would any good first grade teacher do? Have the kids dress up like they are 100 years old, of course! I am pretty sure I cackled for the first 20 minutes of school....everyone looked too cute! See for yourself.

We already had a reading test scheduled for the day (drat), so we had to do a little real work today. But that didn't last long :) I had told the students about our lofty goal to read 100 books and they were super excited! Every time they read a book, they filled out a little information sheet and put it in the jar. Then they made a tally on our chart.

They read throughout the day, and they did it....they read 103 books!

We made some cute little 100 day glasses, but I blanked on getting a picture of those. It was just a '100' that we cut out, decorated, and glued onto a popsicle stick. My littles kept telling me that they weren't actually glasses since they didn't go behind your ears. But they turned out cute anyways :) Honestly, I had gone to School Box to buy some, but they were sold out. So this morning when I was down at the copier and found one of our kindergarten teachers copying these, I was thrilled. She is a sweetie and even gave me the cardstock to print them on (Hi Emily!). 

My favorite part of the day was when we made our 100th day portraits. These were 100% inspired by Abby at The Inspired Apple (my blog idol!), and she was inspired by Jenn at Finally in First. But guess who forgot to take pictures again.
I promise I will take some on Monday and post them for you guys, because they are too cute not to share. My littles used this writing sheet to write about what they would do at 100. Click on the picture for a copy.

This writing prompt also came from Abby, although I recreated the document.
We read a few 100 day books, and then made our special snack. I previously had parents sign up to send in snacks for a chex mix, and I put these in bowls. There was 10 different snacks: Chex cereal, popcorn, Goldfish, M&Ms, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, raisins, marshmallows, pretzels, and teddy grahams. I put a couple of bowls on each group of desks and the students passed them around. They counted out 10 of each item, and then circled groups of tens on their snack sheet. In case that makes no sense, here are some pictures...

I found this idea on Pinterest, but the idea orginally came from Eberharts Explorers.
Then we practiced counting by 10s to see how many snack items we had. They were all super excited to have 100 snacks!!! I let them eat some, and then they took the rest home.

We also had a mystery reader come in, treasure box, student of the week announcement, and token exchange. Have I mentioned how utterly busy today was??? Whew....thank goodness it's the weekend!

Evidence of my exhaustion...hence the title :)

Happy weekend!!!


  1. You're way ahead of us. We're only 80 something days into the year. Anyway, I always invite my kids to dress up. I usually only have a few. Your kids ROCK!
    Forever in First

  2. Your kiddos look so cute! I forget to take pictures ALL of the time!

    Heather's Heart

  3. wow!! they dressed up so cute!! thanks for sharing your ideas!

  4. Wow Tammy, when did you guys start? We don't get nearly as many breaks as the counties around us, but we do get out super early...May 18th!

    Thanks y'all! They were adorable and definitely made my day!!!


  5. We didn't start unti August 25th. You DO get out super early. That will be sweet for you when all the rest of us are still in school. :)
    Forever in First

  6. I m so glad to visit this blog.This blog is really so amazing .Thanks for sharing.


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