Sunday, August 5, 2012

Currently and the Jungle!

Hey yall!

I cannot believe that it is already AUGUST!

This summer has really flown by, and I feel like I have been the worst blogger ever! There are a few reasons why I have been a terrible blogger this summer...

1. Between moving and starting back to graduate school, family visits, and then moving AGAIN, I have been one busy lady. Seriously, just this past week I feel like I can breathe again.

2. I don't currently have a classroom, or even a job for that matter! I don't really have any prospects either, which is completely depressing. This area is just swamped with amazing teachers and there are just not enough jobs to go around. I have only had 1 interview and I was certain that I got the job...but then the principal called and said the teacher had decided NOT to leave, so they didn't have the position anymore. This news was crushing for me.....I definitely may have even cried...a lot a little. 

3. Since I DON'T have a job, I have been trying to spend my time productively! I have been obsessively looking for jobs, and also creating packets to sell. Hey, this may very well be my only source of income for awhile, and hence, my full time job!

Sooo...I hope you will forgive me for being the world's worst blogger. :)

Okay, on with my Currently...August edition.

I am sure my back to school must haves are very similar to everyone else's...but that would be expected, right? These are things we cannot live without, so naturally we would all have the same needs :)

Head on over and link up with Farley!

I have uploaded my new In the Jungle Schedule Cards pack to TPT today. This coordinates perfectly with my Jungle Themed Classroom Set. Click the picture below to get your copy!

And lastly, I am getting close to 500 followers and am wanting to do a big giveaway to celebrate. Anyone interested in donating some goodies? Please shoot me an email if you are!


  1. Don't worry, your job is coming. It's going to be a great position! The job I waited for 17 years ago is the position I still hold and love. And I know a lot of teachers who had to wait, but then found a great position they loved and stayed in for many years :)

  2. Love Larry David, too! So sorry about the job hunt...that can be so hard! Just hang in there, something will turn up eventually =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  3. Natalie...good luck with your job search! Something awesome will come your way. I love having new pens also. It's always nice to have fresh new colors that look shiny and new!

  4. I found you from Farley's link up--I too would like a job! I have enjoyed blogging this summer--just because ti keeps me fresh. If I hear of anything, I will let you know!

  5. Good luck with finding a job. I was a late hire with my current district 5 years ago. We found you through Farley's August Currently. :)

    Antoinette and EmilyK

  6. Natalie,
    Where are you? We have a few jobs around here!

  7. have a shoe closet?! I need to see it!! I practically have a shoe closet but it's just because my shoes overtake my regular clothes closet! ;) Are we sole sisters?! {groan...that was bad. I just couldn't resist!!}

    I'm a new follower thanks to Farley. Come follow me so I can share ideas with you!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten


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