Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cheap and Easy Bulletin Boards

Hey yall!
We are down to the very last week, folks!
Only 5 little days {plus 2 post-planning days} stand between myself and 10 glorious weeks of summer.
Although I've never been blessed to stay in the same room for more than one year, I know that some teachers like to prepare their bulletin boards for the next year before they head out for the summer. I would honestly LOVE to be able to do this, but have had no such luck.
Four years, four different classrooms.
So for you lucky teachers that get to stick around for awhile, I wanted to share a cheap, easy, and fun bright idea!
I really love using plastic tablecloths for bulletin boards for a couple different reasons.
1. They're cheap. I buy the 99 cent plastic tablecloths from Wal-Mart. The price is right for a poor teacher like me!
2. They're durable. The plastic holds up pretty well, as long as you don't put tape on it.
Plastic + tape = major rippage
3. They're vibrant! Tablecloths don't fade or lose their color overtime, like butcher paper. The color stays bright all year long.
4. Fun patterns! Nowadays, you can get plastic tablecloths in lots of fun patterns. I mostly stick with solid colors, but last year I picked up that fun chevron tablecloth above and it made a HUGE statement for my bulletin board!

Here are some of my boards from this year that I used tablecloths on.
You do have to really make sure that you get all the wrinkles out though!
I obviously didn't do a good job on my genre board up there....yikes!
Those wrinkles are driving me crazy just looking at that picture!
But its also an easy fix! Just smooth and staple :)
Alright folks, I'm off to check out all the other bright ideas out there!
You should do the same :)


  1. Wow! I can't believe that you only have one week left!! We don't get out until June 19th! Your bulletin boards look wonderful! I use cloth on mine, but tablecloths are a great, cheap alternative, especially since you move to a different classroom every year!

    Lessons with Laughter

  2. Your bulletin boards look great! So colorful and neat!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. What a great idea! I usually reuse the same fabric every year, but its getting worn down! I may have to try this next year! Thanks for the idea!

    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

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  5. Oh that's cool! How do you not get too many holes in it and stuff, though?

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings

  6. I had this idea this past summer and did it. Maintenance ripped it all down. I came in one day and was sooooo sad!

    Tales from Outside the Classroom

  7. I LOVE this idea!! We were out last Wednesday and I'm relishing in the few days of vacation I have before rotator cuff surgery :( Are you all coming to the area this summer? If so, I would love to meet up with you again if you could! Hope things are going well and have a wonderful start to your summer hon! (This is Cindi...crazy K teacher in K'ville), lol

  8. OHH.. I want those posters of the poetry, myth, etc! Who are they by?! :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Sara, I was wondering the same thing. I really like those genre posters. Who created them?

  9. I love your boards. I used plastic table clothes this year as well and loved them. The wrinkles will drive a person crazy!
    I have the same question as Sara. I really want those posters for my room. Who are they by?

  10. GENIUS! I'm SO doing this next year. :)

  11. I love the the writing poster set also...but the calendar as well. Brand??

  12. i love the genre posters especially how it included the blog! where did you buy them?

  13. I can't see your bulletin board, could you email me please? thank you

  14. I can't see your bulletin boards - please email them to me.
    Thank you,

  15. Love the idea but pictures don't show. Please email me


  16. please email me pics...cant see the examples on your website :(

  17. Pics are not showing up. Send examples to

  18. I cann't see it, please emailed me is

  19. I cann't see it, please emailed me is

  20. The pictures of your examples do not show. Please email me at Thank you.

  21. Please send me the pictures

  22. Las imágenes de sus ejemplos no muestran. Por favor email

  23. Can you email your example boards to me at

  24. Can you email your example boards to me at

  25. I have used the vinyl ones (the pocbic type, with the felt like material on the back) more expensive, but I had them up for 5 years! Yes 5! No ripping or fading and staple holes "heal".

  26. I have used the vinyl ones (the pocbic type, with the felt like material on the back) more expensive, but I had them up for 5 years! Yes 5! No ripping or fading and staple holes "heal".

  27. I can't see your pictures. Please email me at Thank you.


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