Wednesday, May 7, 2014

End of the Year Freebies

Hey yall! Happy hump day!
As the year is quickly coming to a close (12 days!!!!), I wanted to share some freebies that will help with those end-of-the-year gifts. These are all gifts I've given in the past few years and they all have one thing in!
Let's start with students.
My class sizes have been pretty consistently large each year, so I'm always trying to find something that won't break the bank. This year I've got 25 kiddos, so cheap is the goal!
My first year teaching, my teamies and stayed up all night baking our kiddos cookies. Seriously...we had a slumber party and baked like 75 giant flower cookies. It was most definitely a labor of love.
As you can see, the tags were super simple...but they got the message across! Lucky for you, I've made some cute new ones :) Get those here.
My second year of teaching, I upped the ante a little. Another slumber party ensued (are you noticing a pattern, here??) with my best teaching buddy and we made these adorable tile frames.
Again, another labor of love.
Last year, I *sniff, sniff* didn't have my best buddy anymore, so I was all alone during my gift-making stage. I decided EASY was the way to go.
I ran up to the dollar tree to get inspired and ended up finding some cool tie dye sunglasses. I snagged them up (thankfully, there was enough!) and whipped up a simple tag. Grab those here.
Boom. Student gifts.....done!
These were a HUGE hit people! Look at those cool kids!
I'm *almost* positive this is what I'm doing for my class this year.
Now...let's move on to parent/room mom gifts.
My first couple of years teaching, I was beyond blessed to have amazing parental support.
I mean, seriously....they spoiled me.
I didn't realize how spoiled I had gotten until I started teaching at my current school, where parental involvement is almost non-existent.
So, I wanted to do something special for my room moms (yes, plural...I had 3 one year and 4 the next!).
The first year I made these yummy fortune cookies and threw in a Starbucks gift card.
The tag was simple at the time, but I have since revamped it and added it here.
The second year, I was also thinking food :)
That was the year all the mason jar gifts were getting big, so I came up with these.
Strawberry pudding shortcake....pure yumminess!
You can snag those tags here.
That year, I also made these little treats (a Pinterest find) for the rest of my parents.
Those tags can be found here.
Alright yall, I'm off to do some serious TPT shopping. There's only a few hours left in the sale!


  1. Love these! I am doing the "shades" this year and I can't wait :)

    Confessions of a Tiny Teacher

  2. The smores and sunglasses are WAY too cute!! Going to have to find a way to incorporate that some day :)
    G-Iron Tutor


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