Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Workin' On It! Wednesday

Hey yall!
Today I'm linking up with KinderGals for their fun weekly linky!
I'm so looking forward to meeting Kim in Vegas in a few weeks!!!
This week, I've been doing a lot of work on my new business....Jamberry!
I've never done direct sales before, so its all new to me. But I'm really loving it so far and my nails have never been prettier!
I've been working on learning everything I can about Jamberry, sending out samples, booking parties, and doing my nails {of course!}.
Interested in Jamberry? Check out my website here.
I've also been working on a new décor pack, featuring ruby shoes, a man covered in silver, and a magical witch.
That's's a Wizard of Oz themed classroom!
Here's a little sneak peek...

I should have it posted by the end of the week, so be sure to follow my TPT store to be notified when it's on sale :)
Happy hump day, friends!


  1. I love Jamberry! It's cute and it lasts a loooong time. I blow dry the stickers to make them hot before I press them on. I can't recall how the proper way to do it :-)

  2. Can't wait to meet you in Vegas! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Your Wizard of Oz classroom decor set that you started looks awesome! Way to go on cute designs!


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