Friday, July 25, 2014

Five for Friday {and a review}

Hey yall! Happy Friday!
I have less than a week before we officially have to report to work, but I feel like I've pretty much gone back already! It has been a BUSY week! And next week will be just as busy as I get my brand new classroom ready to go :)
I'm linking up with Casey to share about my week.
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Aqua Glass Desk
I have been on a bit of a shopping spree this week! I have a new classroom to decorate, so I use that as my excuse to get my shopping fix :) I hit the motherload at Dollar Tree and got that cute teal desk at Big Lots!
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I'm finally giving up the owls this year and replacing them with another bird...peacocks! I'm loving all the rich jewel tones and it's coming together beautifully! Thankfully, I've got wonderful friends and family to help me {including my friend's sweet baby girl Jule!}.

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Today we had training for my new county. I was soooo excited to hear about our special guest speaker...Dave Burgess! I had already heard wonderful things about his book Teach Like a PIRATE, so when they gave us a free copy, I was over the moon! He even autographed it for me! And I got a pretty sweet shirt, too :)

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Today was the fourth Friday of the month. That means it was Fourth Friday Freebies day! Head on over to my Facebook page to snag some back-to-school freebies from some of my best bloggy buddies.

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A couple weeks ago, MasterVision and sent me a 3-in-1 whiteboard planner to review. I was so excited for this product! It's a dry erase board with a monthly calendar, a spot for notes, and a little corkboard for adding reminders! I added some pretty purple washi tape to mine {it was previously silver} so it would match my room :)

I'm excited to hang this up by my new teal desk! I love how the calendar is large enough to write on and how the notes area is plenty big. The 3-in-1 planner even came with some push pins for the corkboard portion! It also came with a dry erase marker and little snap-in shelf to hold it. However, the marker is pretty dinky and I'm not crazy about how flat the snap-in shelf is. I feel like the marker would just roll right off! Overall, I'm happy with the clean look and can't wait to get it hung up.

If you're interested in ordering your own 3-in-1 whiteboard planner, head on over to!

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  1. I knew someone said they were doing peacocks this year but I couldn't remember who it was. My children live in Fargo, ND and I was up there last weekend shopping. They have a new store called "Kirkland's." It is like a Pier 1 but not as expensive... It had all kinds of peacock things and I kept telling my kids that a teacher on a blog is doing peacocks in their classroom. I think it is such a neat idea. Enjoy your new room! :)


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