Monday, August 11, 2014

The First Days of School

Hey yall!
Well, I survived the first Monday of the school year. We are *officially* in full swing.
I wanted to share some get-to-know-you activities we did the first few days of school.
Of course, I got by with a little help from my friends :)
As you look at each activity below, be sure to check out the sweet ladies who made my life a little bit easier!
We started out by playing a little Find a Buddy hunt game. This is from Mandy over at Teaching with Simplicity.
They LOVED this activity! It got them up and moving around, plus they got to TALK!
Even my shy babies enjoyed this game.
They also learned some things about their teacher!
Such as:
I have curly hair.
I love to read.
I was born in another state (technically, another country)
I play the piano.
I own a pet.
I love pizza!
I have a brother and a sister (actually, 2!)
My girl Chrissy over at Buzzing with Ms. B had these awesome conversation dice as a freebie in her store...score! Go check her out here.
I put my thirdsters into groups of four and they got to rollin'!
I let each group roll until every one got a chance to answer all the questions.
They {puffy heart} loved this activity!
One of my tried and true back to school activities is to sit in a circle and throw a big beach ball around. The ball has several get-to-know-you questions and students got to pick which question they wanted to answer. This game is fun for all ages...even the teacher!
I wish I didn't have to cover up all those sweet should see those SMILES!
Another thing we did was make these adorable pencil glyphs from the Glyph Girls. Check out their shop here.
Seriously, these are beyond cute.
I die.
Check out that pencil man! Loving the creativity in these kiddos!
I gave them some freedom in the writing that went along with it, as long as it had to do with school.
Overall, it was a great first few days.
And I've learned some things about third graders.
1. They are still little and cute.
2. They still love to color and listen to stories read aloud.
3. They are SO independent and I only have to give directions ONE TIME!!!
I'm thinking I am falling for a new grade, yall!
Hope those of you heading back to school this week have a wonderful first week back!


  1. I'm glad you are loving 3rd grade so far! :)

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