Monday, August 25, 2014

Organize Those Supplies

Hey yall! Happy Monday!
I wanted to share some simple ways that I organize supplies and materials in my classroom.
I am ridiculously slightly OCD and need everything to have a set place. I don't like my classroom to be messy {my house, on the other hand, is a whole other story!}. I'm also a fan of clean, neat lines.
Last year, I picked up these slim rolling carts at Big Lots. They were perfect for my classroom! I used them back then to organize my math manipulatives {check out that post here}, but since I'm not teaching math this year, I thought I would use them for something else.
Cue school supplies.
I decided to use these beauties to hold all those pencils, markers, scissors, etc. that we use on a daily basis. Actually, each of my students house their own supplies-these supplies are the overflow!

The green cups on top are from Ikea and those hold more supplies: highlighters, mechanical pencils, more dry erase markers, and whiteboard erasers.

I don't keep any crayons in this area, because I decided to sort them by color this year.
Since every student has their own set, I figured this would be easiest when they just needed to borrow a specific color.

Construction paper is another supply that I sort by color. I love this 10 drawer cart that I also picked up at Big Lots. It's perfect for our construction paper.

This year, our third grade classes are departmentalized. I'm teaching Social Studies to 3 different classes, as well as ELA to my homeroom. I needed a quick and efficient way to organize papers for 65 students, so I came up with this system.
It's pretty basic, but it works for me!
Each class has their own basket for papers. I keep any copies that I will need for the 4 classes in the paper sorter below the baskets.
One of my classroom jobs is the Paper Sorter. At the end of the day, this student sorts through the turned-in papers, paperclips them for me, and adds a sticky note with the class name. That way, I can quickly grab each stack to grade.
Even though Teacher Week was last week, I'm linking this post with Blog Hoppin' :)
Go check out their Why post to see other organization ideas!
Have a blessed week, yall!

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