Thursday, September 11, 2014

Plickers in the Classroom

Hey yall!
Can I get a quick AMEN that tomorrow is Friday?
These last few weeks have just been SO stinkin' busy!
All has been well-my kiddos are amazing, I'm loving my team, and our days typically go off without a hitch.
But man, I'll be happy when we can slow down just a bit!
I feel that I'm always 3 steps behind.
I know its like this every year, I think I just forget how truly BUSY the first few months of school are.
Anyways....on with the post!
Over the summer, I had attended a workshop with my new county where they told us all about Plickers. I thought they were so cool and couldn't wait to use them!
But then I know, BUSY!
So when one of my teammates mentioned that she started using them in her classroom, I just knew I had to get on board, too.
Have you heard of Plickers???
Here's the gist:
You give each student a numbered card that is assigned to them. Each card has a black something-or-other (I have no idea what you would call it!) on it with four sides: A, B, C, and D.
They look like this...

Image from Amazon

You can either order a set of laminated cards from Amazon (although they're currently out of stock!) or you can print them right out at home.
Then you add a series of multiple choice or true/false questions to the app on your phone or computer. You show these questions for the students to see and they have to hold their card with the correct answer facing up.
Now, here's the cool part!
You just stand in the middle of the room and scan all the cards with your phone!
You don't have to scan each individual card-it gets them all with one quick scan!
I tried to get some pictures of my kiddos doing this, but my phone was giving me some trouble.
Here is an image from their website so you can see what I'm talking about...
Your phone (or computer) will show you all the students answers, so you get instant feedback on how well your students have mastered the content!
And they think its the coolest thing since sliced bread (and so does their teacher!).
My kiddos were seriously SUPER into this when we did it the other day.
We have been working on subjects and predicates (BORING!), so I just gave them 10 quick multiple choice questions. They couldn't have been more excited!
Unfortunately, I realized that some reteaching will be happening this week on subjects and predicates.
But hey, that's what I love about this system! It took about 15 minutes and now I know which students need more practice and which students got it.
No paper or pencils needed.
Go check it out!
What are you waiting for?

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  1. What?! Is this real life? I'm definitely looking into this. Thanks for sharing!

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