Saturday, September 13, 2014

We Are Patriots

Hey yall! Happy Saturday!
I'm getting ready to get into football mode {go Dawgs!!!}, but I wanted to get in a quick post about how we remembered 9/11.
On Tuesday, I gave my students a homework assignment to interview an adult about their whereabouts on 9/11. We discussed how everyone remembers exactly where they were and what they were doing the day the world stopped turning.
You can snag this simple assignment by clicking on the picture below.
My students brought these back to school on Thursday. I put them into small groups and let them share their interviews with their groups.
Then we watched the first couple minutes of the September 11th video on Brain Pop.
We very briefly discussed what happened, but didn't talk about why it happened. We only watched the first few minutes of the video, because I felt the last half was too much for my 3rd graders.
We have been studying about the Revolutionary War and Patriots, so this was a great tie in for Patriots Day.
We talked about how we could be Patriots and used this writing pack from Katharine Stewart.
Patriot Day Writing (9-11)
I took pictures of my kiddos holding an American flag, so we added those to the bottom of our writing. Then we created some American flags and added the Twin Towers.

I know 9/11 is a sensitive topic, so we really focused on the patriots and heroes from that day. I think it's important to discuss the day, though, because it's a part of our history that has really defined the true definition of a hero.
Now I'm off to show my patriotism in another way....some good ol' American football!
Go dawgs!!!!

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