Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Math Manipulatives Organization {with a freebie!}

Hey yall!
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So does anyone get slightly overwhelmed with the amount of math manipulatives in a primary classroom? Pattern blocks, unifex cubes, counting bears....oh my!
I have never had a great system for organizing all of the manipulatives. I generally just put them in some random container {that may or may not have matched my color scheme} and thrown them on a shelf. Our school had these horribly huge, double-sided shelves on wheels that I absolutely detested wasn't crazy about. Wait...let me see if I can find a picture...
Oh, there they are....ugly things! I used them last year to hold all my unorganized books, because I started so late in the year and just had to make do.
But this year, I was over them.
I was all set to run out and buy some black bookshelves and about 100 Sterlite containers when I ran across these bad boys at Big Lots.
Bingo! I picked up a couple and ran home to make some cute labels. My mom and I spent all day Saturday working in my classroom, and I was stoked to get these all set up!
I am sooooo in love! The drawers are large enough to hold all of the materials and the bottoms are really sturdy.
I love that my kiddos can just pull out the drawers and take them back to their desks. And with the cute labels, I know they won't have any trouble putting stray materials away!
These babies are seriously slim and take up minimal space...bonus! Plus, they look pretty darn snazzy :)
I'm thinking I'll probably put our weekly math centers in those baskets on top, or possibly use them for extra manipulatives storage. Or I may just have to run back to Big Lots and snag a couple more rolling carts.... :)
If you would like to grab the labels I used, click here.
Font by Kimbery Geswein
Clipart by Lovin Lit and Digital Bake Shop
How do yall store your math manipulatives???


  1. Thank you so much for the idea and the labels. I don't have a permanent space for my stuff because I only volunteer tutor and pull a rolling crate with my items, but someday... ;)

  2. I love this! I never have a good way to organize the math manipulatives. Adorable! :)

    Primary Buzz

  3. Natalie,

    I love your math labels. I went to big lots as soon as I saw your post! Unfortunately, those containers were a bit too small for my manipulatives, so I had to go with Sterlite containers. I was wondering if you could make a few labels for me to match the rest of the labels that I printed. I would be willing to pay for them if you wanted to put them on TeachersPayTeachers, I am just super OCD and need everything to match! Haha. I was wondering if you could make the signs that read "building straws" "geometric solids" "mirrors" and "cylinders" that would match the same sizes and colors. Please email me to let me know if this is possible! Thanks so much!!! Amy Wojtan

  4. Natalie,
    It's me again! If you have the template (not a PDF file) that you wouldn't mind sharing, I could just add pictures that would match my maipulatives. Either way I will be grateful!!! Thanks again!
    Amy Wojtan

  5. Hello!

    I love the labels! They will be great accents with my black furniture. Any way I can get a geoblock one?! Thanks SO much!!!!

  6. I can't see any of your pictures... What should I do?

  7. I used them last year to hold all my unorganized books, because I started so late in the year and just had to make do.


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