Friday, September 6, 2013

Five for Friday

Hey yall! Happy Friday!
Even though this was a short week, I was still just as grateful that today was finally Friday. My kids have been all kinds of crazy this week and I am one tired teacher.
Time to link up with Casey again!
We are working on building our stamina and partner reading this week. The kiddos have been doing an amazing job with partner to self-not so much. We've got some work to do!
We've been working on Reagan's tally pack this week while we were studying graphs. The littles had such fun interviewing their friends!
One of my boys that has a super hard time controlling himself had a pretty decent day the other day. He earned some stickers from another teacher and then proceeded to share them with me! The smile on his face was priceless.
The hubs and I snagged this cute little table from Ross the other day. I love it! It looks ten times better than our old end table and cost a whopping $20...score!
Does this picture really need any explaining??? :)

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