Saturday, November 1, 2014

Five for Friday: Halloween Edition

Hey yall! Happy November!
This has been one CRAZY week!
Red Ribbon week, real-life fire alarm (not a drill), observations, flu shots, lockdown drill, and Halloween...all rolled into one lovely week.
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I asked my room mom to decorate my door for Halloween. I told her she would probably just need to decorate the bottom half, since my peacock wreath is stuck on there pretty good and I didn't want it to come down. Well, she totally surprised me by making it work! I loved how it turned out.
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One day old and one year old
On Sunday, I got to go to this sweet thing's first birthday party. Sweet Jule is the daughter of one of my closest friends and I've been so privileged to watch her grow!
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This week was Red Ribbon week. It's been nuts! On Monday, we had an unexpected fire drill during lunch....because it was NOT a drill! Something happened to the mechanism in one of our water fountains, so it started melting and putting off this awful black smoke! Thankfully, we were able to get the whole school evacuated in under a minute.
What a way to kick off the week!
Thursday was "Peace out to drugs" day, so I channeled my inner hippie.
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This was my costume for Halloween. I took the top picture there right after we had a lockdown drill.
Yes, on Halloween.
Moment of silence for this teacher, please.
I had actually started out the day with every intention of teaching, but after the unannounced lockdown drill, that went right out the window.
It was all I could do to keep my little monsters in line for the rest of the day.
Apparently, you see I didn't do a great job! They took this teacher hostage, I tell ya!
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The hubs and I on Halloween on, Wayne!
Happy November, friends!


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