Monday, May 7, 2012

Countdown: Day 10...and a freebie!!!

Hey yall! It's official...we are on the 10 day countdown!

This is what my littles walked into this morning...

 You should have seen the excitement on their faces!

After we had the talk about not touching the balloons, I drew the name of the student that would get to pop our first balloon.

This sweetie was a little nervous, to say the least. She claimed that she was scared of balloons. Baloney, I said! Mean ol' me made her face her fear, and go at the balloon. I gave her a pair of scissors, thinking it would just take one little poke to pop the sucker.

Nope! Poor thing had to jab it a couple times before it really popped! Probably not the safest way to pop a balloon..

Anyways, when it popped, she grabbed the paper inside and read it aloud...

"Sit anywhere you want!" she screamed.

Oh man, the shouts of joy!

They were all kinds of excited, so I had them all line up at the board, and called a few friends at a time to find a new seat for the day.

Most students were giddy...some had a *slight* issue with others sitting in their usual spot. A few actually even chose to sit in their normal seat! Definitely a hit though!


Did everyone get a chance to download all those awesome freebies yesterday? My jump drive is slap full of awesome activities for my littles! Then I realized that I didn't give you guys anything...can you believe it? Soooo....

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

I am linking up with Classroom Freebies to bring you this! 

Click on the picture to get your copy.
If I can ever get this unit complete, then I will share the rest with you, too!

Do you guys love Teacher Appreciation Week? What does your school do to celebrate?

This week, our school has something different planned each day. Today, it was "bring your teacher a flower" day! Check out my B-E-A-UTIFUL bouquet!

Who knew that such a random collection of flowers could look so good together?

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Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, folks!!! 


  1. That is such a cute idea with the balloons, Natalie! My high school students would have them all popped before I could tell them not to touch. LOL Your classroom looks so fun & inspiring & the flowers are truly beautiful & thoughtful. :) Enjoy your week! (Tracee O from Classroom Freebies!)

  2. Hi Natalie,
    Love, love the baloon idea! We are on 14 days so I still have time to organize this for our 10 day countdown!
    We are having a big giveway that ends tomorrow if you haven't already seen it . . .

    Fun for First

  3. I found this idea earlier and the year and said I was going to do and forgot of course. I like how you numbered the balloons. Thanks for reminding me! I still have 23 days left so I have time to prepare. And yes there were great freebies yesterday and thanks for sharing the love! The flowers look awesome!

    Apples and Papers

  4. What a wonderful idea! This is something I am definitely going to throw in my back pocket for when I have my own classroom :)

  5. Love the balloon idea. Might have to try it when we have 10 days left.

  6. Love the idea of the balloons! We are now 9 days. I should have done this today. Of course, I would have to have someone blow them up for me. I have NEVER been able to blow up a balloon. Isn't that weird? lol

    Thanks for the freebie. LOVE IT!!!


    2nd Grade Pad

  7. I LOVE this idea. We are almost to 10 days. My question is: what do the other 9 balloons contain? Any ideas for a brain-dead, beyond stressed, way-too-much-left-to-do teacher?

  8. Love the balloon idea! What other goodies did you put inside? Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!
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  9. Lovely flowers, and great idea for the last days of school.

  10. Curious.... and curiouser.... what are the other 9 days? Thanks for the freebie!


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