Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Countdown: Day 8 and Some Funnies!

Hey yall! Happy hump day!

Well, I realized today that I might say "yall" just a little too much. I'm not really sure what got them started, but a couple of my boys were picking on me today! They were walking around saying...

"Do your work, yall."
"Sit down or you will pull a stick, yall."
"Come on yall, get busy!"

Ha! They are lucky that I am in a constant state of happiness lately (due to the fact that we only have 7 days left!!!) or they might have gotten in trouble...and actually had to pull a stick!

Today was bring your teacher some fruit day! Look at this pretty basket I got!

And seriously? What am I supposed to do with 2 whole pineapples and 2 whole watermelons???

One sweet little brought me a tomato! I told him I liked his style :)

Are you super anxious to know what balloon we popped today? I know my littles were!

Here was our balloon for Day 8...

We got to have a paper airplane contest today! They were soooo excited! But, being the mean teacher that I am, I made them wait until the very end of the day. They could hardly stand it!

I gave them about 10 minutes to make their airplanes. I put out some stickers and colors, and just let them go to town. I was planning on taking them outside, but it was rainy...blah. So we improvised and trekked down to the cafeteria.

Here are all my sweet littles with their paper airplanes.

And here is the girl that won!

I was secretly excited that a girl won :)

All this week, my students are working on one of their Mother's Day gifts. I bought this cute little unit from Deanna, and I just love it! Very simple, but the kids responses are precious! I snapped a couple of pics of my faves :)

First, a couple of sweet ones...

When my mom is driving she asks me questions about my day because she cares about me.

I love it when my mom hugs me and tells me things to make me a better person.

And now...for the funnies :)

It bugs my mom when my dad drinks beer.

To relax my mom likes to ask me to massage her.

It bugs my mom when she has to cook again. Love the picture..."Again!"

My mom's favorite song is My Little Sunshine. She sings like a person (Michael Jackson).

My mom's favorite song is Mickey. She sings like a rockstar.

It bugs my mom when I talk alot.

I love them! And I know their moms will, too!

Now, before I go, I just want to wish my baby girl Abby a very happy 8th birthday!!!

She is one cranky bia :) but I love her with all my heart.


  1. I love reading the sweet, innocent things these little kids say! Your bia is totally adorable, too!

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  2. Oh my boys would *love* an airplane contest.. might have to work this balloon countdown into my end-of-year activities! Loved those funnies, too!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. Love this balloon countdown. I really haven't been counting down and then I realized we only have 9 days left. Yikes...maybe I'll have to start at day 5? Thanks for the great ideas! :)

    Tales of An Elementary Teacher

  4. I almost fell off my chair at the "has to cook dinner" and "when my dad drinks beer" pictures!! LOL!!!

    & Happy belated Birthday to your sweet baby!! :)

    Color Me Kinder


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