Friday, May 11, 2012

Countdown: Days 7 & 6 and Mother's Day!

Hey yall! Happy Friday!!!

On with the countdown...5 days left, yall!!!

Here was our balloon for Day 7.

Our activity for the day? Dance party!!!

This was my favorite by far...and I think it was their favorite, too! I cranked up the music and we all just let loose! It was such an awesome way to end a Thursday :) and they thought I was the best teacher ever for dancing with them!

Here was our balloon for Day 6.

This little goodie give me heart palpitations, because it said bubble blowing contest, and I completely forgot to get bubble gum! Drat!

But then, a few of my sweeties said that they didn't know how to blow a bubble. So then we voted on whether or not we wanted to have a bubble blowing contest or a balloon blowing contest. Thankfully, they chose balloons!

This was the winner. Umm...can you believe the size of this thing???

After we took our last test of the year, we worked on our Mother's Day crafts. My teamie had gotten this little unit from Hadar, and it turned out completely adorable!

I just love reading what they wrote!

So glad her mom "forgets to be grumpy" :)
This little sweetie's mom might weigh 120...tops! Ha!

Loved the picture of his mom! He said she looked "elegant" :)
Love the shades!
 They thought it was completely awesome that the little purse had a handle. They were crackin' me up walking around with them-even my boys!

Thanks, Hadar, for the amazing craftivity!!!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Mother's Day! I am currently visiting my mommy :) and just spent the last hour helping her get some favors made for the Mother's Day brunch at her church tomorrow.


  1. Those darn bloggy rules, definitely link up tomorrow! And the purses turned out uh-dorable if I do say so myself!! I love the pink and green together! And I almost died when I read 252 pounds!!! Hahah!!! Love it! Thanks for sharing :)


  2. Love the pop the balloon a day idea! Sounds so fun! The Mother's Day purses are cute!
    Conversations in Literacy

  3. I really like the tree idea and your tree is way better than any I ever drew. You wouldn't happen to have a blank one for sharing would you???? Thanks for the ideas. I'm getting started on the tiles as I type!


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