Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday {Field Trip Edition}

Hey yall! Happy Friday!
This week was loooooong. And awful. And terrible. And exhausting. And stressful. And any other negative adjective you could use to describe a week. sucked.
But today was a good day, because we went on a field trip to the local dairy farm!
1. When we got to the farm today, we started out by watching a cow-milking demonstration. The kiddos were pretty amazed {and let's face it, so was I!}. Did you know that a dairy cow can produce up to 80 pounds of milk a day?!?! Pretty crazy!
2. Next, we played on the huge playground. It had lots of cool structures, like a tractor, boat, and a house, for them to play on. There was a giant sand pile and a corn pit. The huge slide was a lot of fun, but the biggest hit of all was the giant jumping bean! We also hit up the corn maize!
My dad had fun swinging the kids!
My mom with some of my kiddos in the maize.
And yes, both my parents came as chaperones on the trip! My parent chaperone had to cancel at the last minute, but one call to my own parents and they came to save the day!
3. After lunch, we learned all about dairy and the dairy cows. We took turns making some butter and then enjoyed our homemade butter on crackers!
4. The hayride was my favorite part of the trip. Even though my littles had a hard time staying on their bottoms, we enjoyed a leisurely ride around the pasture. And what's a hayride without a good farmer song???
Click on the picture to watch an adorable video!
5. The last thing we did was hit up the barn and get up-close-and-personal with some farm animals. Bunnies, chickens, calves, pigs, goats, ponies. Most of my kiddos have limited experience with rural life, so I loved seeing how excited they were to see real live animals!
All the kiddos got to take home a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, which we will keep at school and decorate next week on Halloween. It was such a fun day, but we sure were exhausted! Check out these two cuties who were knocked out on the bus ride back to school.....but they weren't letting go of those precious pumpkins!
I hope yall's Friday was as fun as mine! Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Wow! What a fun day. Looks like a great way to end a week that wasn't good. :)

    The Balanced Classroom

  2. Oh, I love the way kiddos just rack out after an excursion, so cute! Looks like such a fun day.

    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  3. Aww. They're SO cute and look like they had a blast! Glad the week ended well!
    Stuff Students Say and Other Classroom Treasures

  4. I loved reading your Five for Friday. It looks like a great trip to the farm! Last year, I had a terrible week in October, for Fall Break! It was horrible, and ended with a traumatic event! Ugh. It was so cool that your parents could go on the field trip with your class! It looks like a great end to the week.


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