Friday, October 18, 2013

Five for Friday!

Hey yall! Happy Friday!
This Friday is an extremely happy Friday, because I'm at home in my pjs! Today was a furlough day, and even though my pocketbook isn't happy about it, the rest of me sure is!
I've spent the last two days in parent conferences, so today was a much needed break :)
And since I'm still in my pjs at 1:30, I thought I would just go ahead and link up with Casey this week.
1. We've been studying landforms in Social Studies. We've made flapbooks, sang songs, and played games to help us learn the different landforms. But my kiddos favorite landform activity? Landform cookies!
Sugar cookie with white frosting for the base, blue frosting along the side to represent coasts, graham cracker crumbles for the desert, green sprinkles for the plains, candy corn mountains, and a Rolo plateau. This was the day I officially became the "best teacher ever!"
2. For fire safety week, I assigned some homework where the students had to talk with their family about creating a meeting place if there is ever a fire in the home. They were to draw a picture of their meeting place on the back.
Haha! Don't you just love first grade spelling?
3. This week, we've been learning all about digraphs. The very first pack I ever purchased on TPT was Cara's Digraph Kids pack and I still use it every year!
Annnnnd I just realized I spelled chipmunk wrong.....teacher fail!
4. I officially started my last class for my Ed.S this week! The class meets once a week from 5-9:45...ugh! But at least I get to spend those 5 hours in my university's new $500K Mac lab each week!
5. My teacher buddy texted me this the other day. This is definitely fitting for my chatty class this year!
Alright folks, I'm off to enjoy more pj/couch time :)


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