Monday, November 18, 2013

I Just Want to Do It My Way!

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I'm so excited today to be taking part in a fun blog hop for Julia Cook books!
February Freebies
Have you read any of her books before? They all focus on an important topic that is important for young people to learn in the classroom. Bullies, teamwork, tattling, blurting out, stealing.....just a few of the topics that her books are about!
I recently purchased the book I Just Want to Do It My Way! and read it to my class. I have a few sweeties who really struggle with staying on task and getting their work done, so this book was just what we needed!
This book is about a little boy named RJ who always wants to do things his way. Whether its eating an ice cream cone from the bottom up or sleeping with his pajamas on inside out....he's got to have things his way! Um.....can't our kiddos definitely relate to that?
RJ gets in trouble at school for not getting his math work done. He says he can't focus with Norma the booger-picker sitting right next to him! RJ's parents and teacher help him understand the importance of staying on task in school and getting his work done.
After we read the book, we held a class discussion on why it is important to stay on task and brainstormed some ways to stay focused and get our work done. We made a class anchor chart and then the kiddos created their own organizers to put in their journals.

They did such a great job! Hopefully, these friendly reminders will help them stay focused throughout the day. Click on the picture below to snag a copy of the organizer we used.
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  1. I love this idea! Very well done! :) Thanks for sharing! I pinned it too for you :)


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