Tuesday, November 19, 2013

No Peeking! {freebie!}

Hey yall!
3 more days, 3 more days....that's what I keep telling myself :)
Anyone else get a whole week off for Thanksgiving???
Today I wanted to share how I make my kiddos offices. Super simple and easy :)
All you need are some manila folders (or colored ones if you want to get fancy with it!), some scissors, a stapler, and the freebie below. I prefer to use the Smead Super Tab Heavy Weight folders, because they are sturdy enough to last my kiddos all year.
Smead SuperTab Heavyweight Folder
First, cut your folder in half hamburger-style.
Yikes! Sorry about the glare there!
Then take the two pieces and fit them together so that they overlap.
Staple the two pieces together where they overlap.
Download this freebie and print them for your littles. Staple them to the inside of the folder (although I would recommend laminating them first for durability).
Voila...instant office! My kiddos feel very legit when they pull these out for tests and what have you. Sometimes, they like to be secretive and pull them out during classwork so their neighbors can't peek at their work.
I usually let them decorate their offices during the first week of school. Then they just keep them in their desks for the rest of the year! There's always going to be those one or two that lose theirs, but the majority of my kiddos keep up with them. I always make extras, though...just in case! 
Head on over to Shoplet.com to order your folders! They are nice and sturdy and I LOVE the super wide tabs. While you're there, check out their FasTab Hanging File Folders. They have built-in tabs that are ten times better than those pesky plastic ones that fall out after awhile.
Smead FasTab Hanging File Folders
The people over at Shoplet.com were also nice enough to send me the Easy Grip Pocket expanding file. The nifty thing about this file is that the sides have a non-slip grip pad that allows you to easily pick up the file, without the contents falling out. Genuis! It's also pretty heavy duty, so perfect for holding all those awesome teacher files :)
Smead Easy Grip Pocket


  1. Our elementary has been using offices for a good while now. They are great! Another idea for the older ones is to tape a number line on the tops of the office.

  2. I love the easy grip pocket files! I have one for each month so that I can do easier filing, they hold more than hanging ones and things do not fall out of the sides. Love the tabs on the hanging folders you received!

  3. Love the offices! And I laughed about how they feel legit...mine totally would too! LOL

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