Friday, November 15, 2013

Let's Talk Turkey!

Hey yall! Happy Friday!
Was it just me, or did this week drag by? Something about short weeks always makes them feel extra long...
Well, we finally started to get into the turkey spirit this week! We've started our plants/animals unit in science, so I thought it was the perfect week to start learning about turkeys!
We started by reading some informational texts about turkeys that I checked out from our library.
Then we used a graphic organizer from sweet Rachelle over at Want the Teacher Wants to help us get our facts in order (what would we do without all these wonderful bloggy resources???). We made a large class anchor chart, and my kiddos put their own chart in their reading journals.
We discussed some good opening and closing sentences and brainstormed a few that might work for this type of writing. Then my kiddos got to work! They certainly love informational writing! As a fun Friday activity, we whipped up some quick little turkeys to go with our writing.
I love how all their turkeys turned out a little different. I gave them patterns for the body and feathers, but had them choose their own googly eyes and add feet and a beak. My room was littered with a bazillion tiny pieces of orange paper, but they were super engaged so it was worth it!
We've got lots more Thanksgiving goodness planned for next week, so I'm hoping to fill all the boards with student work! What are some fun activities you have planned for next week?
Happy weekend, friends!

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