Sunday, December 29, 2013

13 in '13

Hey yall!
I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas...I know I sure did! But I'm definitely ready to take down these decorations and move on to a new year.
Even though I'm a little late to the party, I'm linking up with Hadar, Kristin, and Traci for their annual end of the year linky!
I was struggling a little coming up with 13 great memories from 2013, but then I just started scrolling through my Instagram photos. I had forgotten how much I actually did this year! It was fun reliving those moments:)
So here they 13 top moments in 2013.
Having my whole family home for Christmas
I have a rather large family. There are 19 of us in total and we are spread out all over the country, so its not always easy to get everyone together. But my sister Kristie and her family are getting ready to move to Germany next summer, so my mom told all the troops that they better make it home for Christmas this year. And they all did!
This is what Christmas for 19 looks like...
We got to spend a few days together with all 19 of us and it was such a blessing! My mom was in absolute heaven :) Our family, like most, have Christmas traditions that we had to get in before the big day.
The Sibling Pyramind {in our Christmas jammies, of course!}
The Grandkids Pyramid
Displaying _MG_1780.jpg

Meeting Baby Brooklyn
My brother and sister-in-law welcomed their second child on November 26th. I had to wait almost a whole month before I got to meet her, though! She is absolutely perfect and I might be a tad bit obsessed with her sweet little self. I may or may not have taken 143 pictures of her this week...
Meeting her for the 1st time...the first of many snuggles
Brooklyn with Uncle Wes
Brooklyn with proud big sis Alyssa
Christmas Brooklyn
More snuggles with her Aunt Natalie :)

Girls Trip: Nashville
In May, I got to visit Nashville for the first time to celebrate my bestie's bachelorette party. I took a tiny, tiny little plane that was a tad bit scary.
We went to see the infamous Bluebird Café.
And, of course, checked out the nightlife!
It was such a fun trip and I can't wait to visit again!

Blogging Meet-Up: Greenville, SC
In August, I traveled to Greenville to meet up with some amazing blogging buddies! So.Much.Fun!

Photo from Ginger.

Family Trip: Charleston, SC
In July, my sister and her kids came to visit. We decided to take a quick little trip to Charleston to get in some beach time while they were down.

Couples Trip: Ashville, NC
In March, the hubs and I traveled to Asheville to meet-up with some friends. We stayed in a cute little cabin, walked around downtown, and checked out the nightlife.

Widespread Panic for NYE
The hubs and I are HUGE Widespread Panic fans, and we try to see them at least once a year. This year, we started it out right with a trip to see them play in Charlotte, NC.
Jimmy, Jojo, and JB

Wedding in Johnson City, Tennessee
In June, the hubs and I traveled to Tennessee to see my bestie get married! She was a beautiful bride and we had such a great time.

B2S Trip: Hilton Head Island, SC
It's quickly becoming a tradition for my hubs to take me to the beach to celebrate my first week back to school. Its a lovely way to spend a long week and really helps get me geared up for the new school year. Sort of like a last hurrah :)
It was too cold to actually go to the beach, so we just enjoyed each other's company and did some serious shopping. It was also the first time we took the pups with us on a trip....never again!

Grace Potter in Columbia, SC
In October, my friend Jennifer and I went to see my girl crush Grace Potter in Columbia. It was a school night and I didn't get home until after 1 am, but it was soooo worth it! She is just absolutely amazing! We had a blast and Jennifer even caught her guitar pick!

Earning my Ed.S
In December, I finished up my Ed.S degree! My thesis about killed me, but I made it through and even got a 4.0 :) Hello pay raise!
Rock Fore Dough 2013
Here in Augusta, we have a little tournament every year called the Masters. Maybe you've heard of it? :)
They always throw a big concert to celebrate during the week and I try to catch it each year. This year, my girl crush came! You might recognize her from #10 :)
After the show, we stopped at the local Mellow Mushroom to grab a bite to eat. Well, little did I know that Grace Potter was there eating at the exact same time! I didn't find out until later, and was sooooo bummed that I missed getting a chance to meet her!

Reconnecting with Old Friends
This year, I reconnected with one of my best friends some high school. We had lost touch over the past few years, but ran into each other early in the year. We've since grown even closer than we were in high school and I am so thankful to have her friendship again!
I was super excited to see this pretty lady welcome her baby girl to the world! And I've been loving on her ever since :)
2013 was an amazing year, but it didn't bring me the one thing that I want the most. Here's hoping 2014 gets the job done!

Happy New Years yall!


  1. I loved looking at all your pictures. Wow, that is a large family!! But I love though. I love how the stocking take up the whole fire place mantle!!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. What an amazing year you have had, Natalie! That bloggy meet up was one of my highlights, too. So glad we spent it together!
    Fun in Room 4B

  3. Happy New Year to you!!!!You had a fun and busy year. Did you stay at the Christmas Tree farm in Asheville? We stayed in a cabin very similar to yours. I bet their are thousands. I LOVED all of your fun pictures.

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    Did you stay at the Christmas Tree farm in Asheville? We stayed in a cabin very similar to yours.


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