Friday, January 17, 2014

Ryan to the Rescue {Five for Friday}

Hey yall! Happy Friday!
Whoohoo for 3 day weekends! After these full moons and my lost-their-mind kiddos, this long weekend is just what I need.
Because I'm too tired to blog about anything we've done this week {which is a lot!}, I'm linking up with Casey. But as soon as I snap some pictures, I'll share everything we've been up to the last couple of weeks.
1. I graduated last month with my Specialist and this baby finally came in! Time to get some frames :)
2. Over the summer, I bought a couple of bean bag chairs for my library. The other day I heard a loud pop and looked over to find one of the bags had exploded...everywhere! Those pesky styrofoam balls were all over the place and sticking to everything. It literally took us an hour to clean it all up!
3. We've been learning about Lewis & Clark the past few weeks, so of course we had to go on an expedition! I taped some pictures of different plants and animals all over the hallway, whipped up some coon-skin hats, and my littles set out with their journals. Who says Social Studies can't be fun?
4. Ryan Gosling. Need I say more??? I keep this hottie posted to my teacher board behind my desk. He helps get me through some rough days!
5. Gee, thanks Ryan! There can never be too much Ryan, can there?
And yes, we did have a lock down drill today... :)


  1. LOL I crack up at Ryan Gosling's quotes...they definitely can add humor to your day!!!
    -Lovely Nina
    *Your newest follower


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