Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We Survived the 100th Day!

Hey yall!
Yesterday we had our 100th day of school. We had so much fun!
At our school, we are split up by 'families.' Each family has multiple grade levels and are all stationed on the same hallway. Our hallway has Pre-K, kindergarten, 2 first grades, second grade, third grade, and fourth grade. 
Each family has a name, motto, behavior plan, and activities that they do together. Our family name is Team LIFE (leaders inspiring future educators).
Our family decided to celebrate the 100th day together, so each grade level came up with an activity and the classes rotated to complete all 6 activities throughout the day.
1. 100th day snack: we had 10 different snack items and they counted out 10 of each one. They got to munch of their special snack throughout the rest of the day.
2. 100 fingerprints: they drew 10 circles on their paper and put 10 fingerprints in each circle. We had a cute paper for them to do this, but of course, our Riso was down so we had to make due.
3. If I had $100: each kiddo got $100 in play money and drew pictures/wrote about what they would do with it. I saw a lot of pictures of candy and ice cream...talk about a tummy ache!
4. During our lunch break, we learned about the number 100 with our favorite pals Annie and Moby!
5. 100 year old self-portraits: loved these! We let them have total control over this. Just handed over the materials and let them get creative!
6. 100 exercises: our health-nut 4th grade teacher wanted to do 100 exercises with the kiddos. Have you ever seen a 6 year old try to do a push-up or sit-up? Ha!!!
7. 100th day crowns: they made these cute crowns to wear throughout the day. It just happened that our class had this activity last, so they only got to wear them the last hour or so.
As we were making our crowns, we got word that our district was closing...for snow!!!
I know that so many of you are probably tired of hearing about snow, but this is a first for us! You don't get much snow here in East Georgia. In fact, it was a beautiful day here yesterday but is supposed to snow today. That's the South for ya, I guess!
So yes, I'm home today and tomorrow enjoying our "snow days"...even though I have yet to see any snow! Its supposed to be hitting us this afternoon, so we'll see.
Now I'm off to drink some hot cocoa and stare out the window :)

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  1. I live east of Atlanta and we got a couple of inches today! :) :) LOVE all the 100 day of school activities!!


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