Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Hey yall!
I feel like I have been the world's worst blogger lately. I was so excited when I got a job, because I knew I would be able to share some fun activities with you guys.
But I have just been struggling to keep my head above water lately, and this little old blog is suffering from a case of serious neglect :(
Between all the craziness of starting a new year with a new class AFTER 35 days of school with other teachers, I have also started 2 new grad school classes.
Life as I know over. Let the insanity begin!
So...I've been BOO'd, yall! By Elizabeth :)


So here are the rules:
1) Choose a fellow blogger that has more followers, another that has about the same number of followers, and someone that has less followers.
2) Blog about each of them and include this cute linky party icon in your blog.

3) Lastly, leave them love by offering them a goody from your store as their "treat." (If you have a store)
What a fun game! I love Halloween and all things spooky, so I am down!

1. Lyndsey from a year of many firsts. I love this girl and all her cuteness! She makes such awesome resources for the classroom, and I have a ton of her posters hanging in my room as we speak!

2. Kerri from Ms. Kerri and her Krazy Klass. I got the chance to meet Kerri when I was vacationing in her hometown of Gatlinburg, and we literally sat & gabbed for hours!

3. Rebecca at Landing in K. Rebecca is a new blogger and we got the chance to meet at the Carolina Blogger Meetup. She was so sweet and is doing some fun stuff with her kinders!

Go check out their blogs and leave them some love!

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