Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Classroom Photos 2012-2013

Hey yall! Happy Tuesday!
Its only happy for me because my grad school class got canceled tonight. Well, actually not canceled, just rescheduled. It was supposed to be the last night of class, so I guess all its really doing is putting it off for a couple of weeks....but whatever, that gives me LOTS more time to finish my not-even-close-to-being-done almost done assignments :)
So I know that I have been promising you guys some photos of the new classroom, and I finally took some today!
Please keep in mind though....this room is NOT completely finished. I know in my head that I still have lots to do, but I guess it looks somewhat finished..?
Anyways, go easy on me :) because it was the end of the day...
...and I forgot to tell the kids to put down their chairs...
...and I didn't really feel like putting down 19 chairs...
...then putting them back up again after the pictures...
...there are chairs stacked on desks in these pictures :)
Onto the pictures!

Writing center, listening center, and meeting area. Still need a rug to go here! The writing poster is from the teacher wife and the peacemaker posters are from First Grade Parade.

My number posters above...kinda hard to see :(

Story elements and strategies posters from a year of many firsts. This is the door to our bathroom.

Student computers! I am supposed to be getting one more. Punctuation posters from What the Teacher Wants.

Love pinterest!

Our bucket filler board! This is actually the side of my filing cabinet, so I used magnets to hold up the buckets.

My desk area. Please ignore those boxes of junk :)

Love my desk area! I have lots of storage and room to work.

My owl print from Ikea! $10 well spent :)

My mom got me these cuties!
Birthday board {minus the students' pictures-took those today} and calendar area-this is still missing A LOT!

This table holds our supply caddies, special books we've read, and the student daily folders go in that pink crate.

This is where my students get pencils and turn in their papers. Notice, I haven't grabbed their work from the past few days! Bad teacher...

My very pitiful library. Not pitiful because of the amount of books, but because of organization. One day I will go through and organize them all...but not now...I also need a rug for this area!

Our small group table and student cubbies! I really, really, really hate that bright yellow :(
Sink area with class jobs on the cabinets above.

Close-up of our class jobs {some of them, anyway}

Back wall with student cubbies and standards-based bulletin boards. We have to have one for each subject....obviously, I'm still working on those :) Also my pretty alphabet is up top!

Birthday balloons! We aren't allowed to hang anything from the ceiling, so I was pretty bummed about my lanterns :(

But I found a couple of places to put them! Also have some inspirational posters here from all over.

Our WBT posters from a year of many firsts and our Hoot Loot board. I will explain Hoot Look another time :)

So excited to have a Promethean board! I'm still learning how to use it. Notice that whole grid of nonsense? Another requirement...don't ask me how I feel about it. But I was happy to find some polka dotted duck tape to use!

Our class schedule, clip chart, and transportation board.
View from my desk area looking left.

View from our meeting area looking right.

View from the front door looking right.

View from the front door looking straight.

View from the sink area looking left.
Whew! Did you hang in there????
I used pretty much everything from my Owls on Dots collection, and then tweaked some a bit to better fit my needs. I will also be going back to revise some of this stuff, so keep a lookout!
So what do yall think??? I was really happy with how most things turned out, and my littles especially love the bright colors :)
Well, the hubs is burning cooking dinner, so off to do some damage control eat!


  1. I love your bucket filler board with the take-out containers!!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  2. The colors, the owls, the set up -- I love it all!! And those little take out container buckets are too cute!

    ❤ -Stephanie
    Falling Into First

  3. Your room looks wonderful! I love your birthday chart
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  4. Looks terrific, Natalie! Looks like you are finished to me :)

  5. The colors are great. I think your room looks more pulled together than mine, and I've had my room set up since August! Looks fantastic!

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  6. How about an update on what it looks like now? hehe Mine would be a disaster. The pics at the b.o.y. are always gorgeous bc there is not one scrap, pencil, or sneaker mark in any shot! :)

    Always A Lesson


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