Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spooktacular Math!

Hey yall! Happy Sunday!
I finally finished up my Spooktacular Common Core Math Centers! Whoo! This has only been in the making for...oh...3 weeks now??? So glad I got them finished...and just in time, too!
My littles are going to be using these cute little math centers for the next week or so :)
Here's whats included:

*Candy Corn Counting: skip-counting by 5s

*Batty Numbers: ordering numbers from least to greatest

*Ghostly Addition: addition to 20

*Candy Matching: matching numbers to their written word

*Scaredy Cat Counting: counting pennies and dimes {separately}

*Skelly Subtraction: subtraction {less than 20}

*Pumpkin Picking: counting with tally marks & graphing

*10 More, 10 Less Spiders: 10 more & 10 less of a number

*Pumpkin Time: telling time to the hour

I found these bad boys at the Dollar Spot the other day, and they are perfect to use with the Skelly Subtraction and Ghostly Addition centers! Whoo-hoo! You can pick these up for $1.00 each at your local Target :)
I also found these at the Christmas Tree Shops the other day for $1.99! I'm going to let my kiddos use them to help them track their reading :)
If you want to purchase my Spooktacular Common Core Math Centers, click on the picture below.

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