Monday, October 1, 2012

WebQuest freebie and Winners!

Hey yall!
Well, I met my sweet littles today! They are all super cute and very excited about switching classes. I half expected tears today, but was pleasantly surprised! I know its not because they didn't like their awesome teachers before, I think it was just an adventure for them! They were extremely a little rambunctious, so we will have to work on that this week. But overall, a great bunch!
One thing that I am super excited about is my new Promethean board! I have never used anytime of active board before, so this was a fun learning experience for me. I have tons to learn about it still, but I cannot wait to download all those awesome lessons I see floating around the blogs!
One thing I am stoked about using my new board for is a webquest! Have you ever done a webquest with your students before? Well, I haven't, but I had to make one as part of an assignment for grad school and I just loved the way it turned out!
My new littles are going to have so much fun with this one. It is a science webquest about clouds, and it is geared towards first grade. However, I think it would be fun for K (with a little help) or 2nd graders (for some fun review).
At the end of the webquest, the students will make a little cloud book, so they will need some cotton balls and glue. Click on the picture below to check out the webquest. Please feel free to use this with your class! If you don't feel like doing the whole webquest, you can still download the cloud book for free!

I would LOVE to hear your feedback! This is not the first webquest I have ever made, but it is the first one that I will use with actual students so I'm excited to see how they will do!
Want to make your own webquest? Check out! It was seriously super easy (and kinda fun!).
Sooo....I had said I was going to anounce the winners this weekend, but.........
You know how it goes :)
The hubs and I took a last minute day-cation to Hilton Head, so I was too busy having fun! But I have them for you tonight, so here we go...

Day 1 winner of all 4 prizes.....Holly B!

Day 2 winner of all 4 prizes.....Misty A!

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Day 3 winner of all 4 prizes.....Kristen B!

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Day 4 winner of all 4 prizes.....Casey C!

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Day 5 winners {I split this up into 3 different winners, since the prizes were so big!}
Winner of the items from Second Grade Shenanigans, Landing in K, and Fun in Room 4B.....Teri!
Winner of the $25 shopping spree in my TPT store.....Elisabeth!
Winner of the $20 Target giftcard.....Juli R!

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Congrats to ALL the winners! Thank you all so much for playing! If you won, please check your email :)

Alright yall, gotta go! Time for HIMYM!

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