Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Currently in Denial

Hey yall!
I've got some serious Sunday night blues....except it's Wednesday, so I guess I've got the Wednesday night blues.
Either way, I'm completely in denial about going back to work tomorrow...
I've known all week this day was coming, but I am in no way, shape, or form ready for it to be here. So long winter's been real.
Let's just get on with the Currently, before I burst into tears over here...

I love, love, love watching {and listening!} to my pups playing together. They make the strangest noises, and I swear Dude sounds just like a cat. But he keeps Abby young with his rambuctious self :) Here are my two sweeties in their Christmas jammies.
Do I really need to explain why I love my Kindle Fire so much????
I didn't think so...
But I may need to explain Mitzy to ya....
This is Mitzy.

Mitzy is a Mint robot floor cleaner, and my new best friend :) The hubs surprised me with this for Christmas! I had been wanting one for soooo long, but just knew that it was too much to spend for Christmas. But that hubs of mine was super sneaky, and spent his Christmas bonus on my new maid! This little gal sweeps and mops my floors for me...and she does it without hardly making a peep! Seeing as she is currently getting her robot beauty rest right now, aka charging, my floors are looking a little rough.
Wanting....oh no, I'm back to the blues again. I was getting all happy just thinking of my Mitzy, but now I've got to think about heading back to work again :( Waa.
Remember how I made a New Years resolution to stop procrastinating so much???
Well, I haven't written any lesson plans yet for tomorrow or Friday...yikes! I think this takes me back to that whole denial thing...
And it also takes me to my one little word for 2013....PLAN!!!!!
I will plan my lessons ahead of time {well ahead of time, not the day or 2 before!}.
I will plan my meals so I'm not stuck and starving.
I will plan how to budget our spending better.
I will plan the days I go to the gym {spin class, here I come!}.
Hopefully, that will help me with the procrastinating thing as well.
So since I didn't have anything planned for my littles tomorrow yet, I went ahead and made a couple of New Year sheets for us to complete tomorrow. Click on the picture below to get your copy :)
Anyone else heading back to work tomorrow???


  1. you make me laugh out loud - good luck tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for the freebie! I also head back tomorrow (we had today to work in our rooms and get things organized... but I somehow forgot thorough plans!) and I'm looking forward to using it! :)
    Have a great day tomorrow!

  3. We went back's not so bad! :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! Loved reading your currently! I feel your pain on the going back tomorrow! I've spent a good portion of yesterday and today prepping and planning. I was hoping to have a whole lot more done, but it feels nice to get some relaxing time in. :)

    Good luck tomorrow!

  5. Our dogs could be twins!!! Seriously, your Dude looks just like my Buster!!! Except Buster would never, ever wear PJ's, but he would possibly eat them.

    I haven't seen the documentary Catfish yet. I want to. I think it was on MTV this weekend and I asked my husband to dvr it, but he didn't:(

    This Little Piggy Reads Alll the Way Home

  6. I go back tomorrow, for a workday, and students come back on Friday (like that won't be crazy)! Try to find a book or two on New Year's celebrations to read and compare with our celebrations, or have them write up their resolutions or goals for the new year. Just a couple of thoughts. I'm planning a wintery theme for Friday- we might have a snowball fight in the room (wadded up paper) as a brain break!

    Good luck!
    Teaching Special Kids

  7. I'm not going back officially until Monday but I am going back tomorrow to get some things done.

    I want a robot floor cleaner! I've never known anyone who has one but I've always wondered how well they work. :)


  8. You expressed my thoughts exactly;( Need some more days. Thanks for the freebie.

  9. I want a Mitzi!!!!
    Good luck tomorrow.


  10. The title of this post made me crack up! Hope your day is good tomorrow :)

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

  11. OK your dog get-ups are just too much! So stinkin cute! ((Hugs)) for heading back tomorrow. Just think 2 days on...2 days off!
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  12. That Mitzy sounds like one hard workin''re so lucky to have her! I hope your 1st day back is fantastic! :)

  13. So glad I'm not the only one who gets the Sunday night blues once in a while :) I love teaching but some times "just one more day" sounds fantastic! I hope you start back with a bang!


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