Thursday, January 3, 2013

When is 2nd grade???

Hey yall!
So I did it....I went back to work today. There was a moment this morning when my alarm went off at 5:45 that I thought hmmm....another day off... then I thought...better not!
Yes, please!!!
So off to work I went, and guess what? It wasn't half bad! In fact, it was quite the enjoyable day! I think the kiddos were just as exhausted as I was, so most everyone was pretty well behaved. In all honesty, I was actually quite happy to go back and get into the routine again, but I was worried they might be a little off the wall. I guess I should give them more credit :)
Today we talked all about the New Year. Only 1 of my 20 littles knew anything about NYE, so they just soaked it all up. We reviewed the months of the year, and most of us agreed that January was the beginning of a new year. However, there was one little sweetie that just couldn't understand why he was still in first grade if it was a new year.
Our conversation went like this:
Me: So since its now January, that means that it is a brand new year...2013!
Student: But come we're still in first grade?
Me: Well, you will be in first grade until the end of the school year, which is in May. The school year is different from a regular year.
Student: So when is 2nd grade???
Me: You will go to 2nd grade next school year...which starts in August.
Student: lost me.
Ha! I couldn't help but chuckle at that one.
Once we all agreed that it was a new year, we started talking about some of the traditions that typically take place around New Years. We talked about what might happen in 2013 and made some predictions.

A twister and a flood? thank you! Talk about doom and gloom!

Parties and summer...yes and yes!
Ummm...she must think her mama is going to be one busy lady! A new brother and a new sister? Whew!
BTW I tried to rotate this picture a hundred times....grrr!
We also talked about goals and resolutions, and how to work hard to reach them. I asked each student to think of a goal that they will work towards this year, and then we made these cute little Pinterest-inspired craftivities to go along with it.

"My new year goal is to win a medal for a race."

"My new year goal is to finally win a basketball game."

"My new year goal is to do my homework every night"
We also completed a telling time activity and an ABC order activity from Cara's awesome new year pack from last year.
And guess what people? Then it was time to go! Talk about a quick day :)
Now I just have to plan something for tomorrow....crap. At least its Friday!


  1. What a cute story, Natalie. Little guys can be so stinkin' cute, huh?

    Fun in Room 4B

  2. I got that too! And...who's going to be my teacher next year? After assuring them they have 6 more months to deal with me, they finally understood. =) Have a great Friday!

    Emily @ Second Grade Silliness 

  3. Luckily, you only have today to get through!

  4. Your story is so funny! This is why I love teaching. They're just so sweet and innocent...and I love how they think! :)


  5. Glad your first day back went smoothly!! I can only wish that for myself. And I agree with Ryan... can I get an extra week, too? Haha

  6. Awww! We really could all retire and then write books about all the things kids (and parents) have said over the years!!

    And hello---I love it when Ryan Gosling talks teacher!!

    Have a good weekend!
    Collaboration Cuties

  7. Hi Natalie -
    Such a cute story - kids are the best and I love all the things they say. I wish Ryan was my principal right now...LOL I go back Monday! Happy New Year!
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

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