Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Persuade Me!

Hey yall!
I hope everyone is back into the swing of things...or getting there at least!
Today was a first for me...I had a runner!
Let me explain.
One of my littles has an extreme a slight truth problem. So when she got in trouble again today for not being honest with me, I had had enough. I sent her next door to another teacher's room so I could get some space she could think about her actions. Well, apparently, she wasn't having that.
So instead of walking 15 feet to the classroom next door, she took off running. Down the hall and straight out the front door! Thankfully, I was quick enough to send someone after her. Turns out, when she ran out the front door, she had a trail of educators behind her, including the principal!
They finally caught up to her, but she had already made it almost halfway home! Now, she does live just a block or two over, but still! I was so thankful they caught her, though!
Has that ever happened to anyone else???
So this week we are starting our unit on persuasive writing. We started by reading "I Wanna Iguana" by Karen Kaufman Orloff.

If you're not familiar with this story, its about a little boy named Alex that really wants his friend's iguana when he moves away. Alex writes letters to his mom trying to persuade her to let him have the iguana. Alex's mom in turn writes letters to him telling him why he can't have the iguana.
I'll let you guess what happens in the end :)
Well, Alex definitely made some good arguments! After reading the book, I asked my students to make a list of the different reasons Alex gave his mom to persuade her to let him have the iguana. Then my students had to choose 1 reason and illustrate it.
They turned out so stinking cute!!!
"I will buy his food with my allowance."

"I will keep his cage clean."

"Iguanas are very small and quiet."
"Iguanas are very cute!"
I told my littles that the first grade teachers were discussing where to take our next field trip. I asked the students where they would like to go and why. I told them that they had to persuade me on where to take our field trip.
The kiddos each had to write me a persuasive letter telling me where we should take our next field trip and why.
More cuteness!!!
"Dear Mrs. Lemacks, Can we go to Chucky Chese? They have a Jurassic Park game.
You can eat pizza and you can get a gift."
"Dear Mrs. Lemacks, Can we go to the fair? Because it has roller coasters, cotton candy, and swings."
"Dear Mrs. Lemacks, I think we should go to a basketball game because I want to see super stars.
I like to see people dunk."
"Dear Mrs. Lemacks, I want to go to Japan because there's Japanese food. There's rooms. And you can sing songs."
I'm pretty sure the sweet girl in that last letter was talking about a Japanese restuarant that has karaoke! Notice the building that just says "Japan" on it...ha!
And do you see me in the picture? With my mouth open wide saying "Class, class!" and they are all saying "Yes, yes!" Haha!
Love that whole brain teaching!
My littles are off to a great start...I know we are totally gonna rock this unit!
Happy *almost* humpday, friends!


  1. Oh yes! I have had runners! One of mine did make it home & I went and got him. Let's just say, he didn't run home again from the playground. That was many years ago.

    In recent years, I have had a runner. I adored him, though, and kept him 2 years. He went to grade 2 and became a repeat offender many times over. Principal, assistant principal, and office staff would all go chasing him. Once they were even chasing him in their high hills in the rain. Poor ladies were trenched! 3rd grade, he grew up a bit and did not run as much. This year, in fourth, he doesn't run. :)

  2. I teach special ed kindergarten and every year I have had runners. Most of them don't leave the school, though. The scariest experience I had with one was when she ran out of the building in the front of the school past all of the buses waiting to pick up the students. Not a single person out there (and there were a lot) tried to stop her.
    Exceptional Kinders


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