Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently April

Hey yall!
Can you believe its already April?
I mean.....REALLY?!?!
I haven't linked up with Farley in a hot minute, but since I've been totally slacking about taking pictures lately, I figured now was a good time!
1. Mark Wahlburg. Enough said.
2. Three more days, yall! Three!!! I am in desperate need of a break, especially one where I get to visit with my big sis and family! Kentucky, here I come!!!
3. Even though I'm trying to resist those fudgy looking brownies sitting on the counter, I'm pretty sure I'll be enjoying those suckers with some ice cream soon. If only to forget how much pain I'm in...
4. Does anybody else get the incessant need to shop? I mean, it doesn't matter what I buy, I just feel the need to buy something...anything! But I'm resisting the temptation, so I can save as much money as I can for my trip :)
5. Yes, the previously mentioned pain is in my back and butt. What happened, you ask?
Well, apparently I forgot how to walk down a set of stairs. No, now I enjoy tumbling down them instead...much more efficient.
6. We are officially on the end-of-year countdown, yall. Only 26 days to go! The kiddos last day of school is on May 23rd and the teachers is on May 28th. So thankful we were pardoned for all the snow days we had, because I am not down with school in June.
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  1. I'm sorry you're nursing a sore back and BUTT! I have an arm that's a bit wonky these days - strength is g.o.n.e and yesterday morning it actually "jerked" a few times - all by itself! I certainly didn't TELL it to do that?! I'm thinking it's a nerve problem... I'm SURE it's irritating.

  2. Yeah for Spring Break! I love your blog design! Such fun colors! As for buying stuff . . . online shopping is always good for me. Easy to do where I don't have to drag two kiddos along!

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  3. Sorry you got hurt! And yes, I sometimes want to buy something just to buy something........no real reason. :) Have a great spring break!
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