Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sharpie Love {A Review}

Hey yall!
Last summer, I was doing a little back-to-school shopping when I came upon this aisle at my local store.
Yes, that's right....I snapped a picture of the Sharpie aisle. Because what teacher can resist the Sharpie aisle???
Well, a teacher on a budget, for one!
So when contacted me and asked if I wanted to review some fun-colored Sharpies, how could I resist??? I already had a love for all things Sharpie and bright colors are definitely my thang :)
They sent me these beautiful neon-colored Sharpies.
How can I resist neon, yall???
These colors match my classroom perfectly, so they've been getting lots of great use!
They also sent me these fun metallic ones and this awesome Sharpie pen!
The gold metallic Sharpie was absolutely perfect for a gift I had recently purchased for my momma.
We all had fun writing our names in such a glamorous color and they looked awesome!
The names really popped out and have such a pretty shimmer to them.
My mom definitely loved her gift!
Have you ever written with a Sharpie pen before? I had owned a few in the past, and I've always loved them. But this little baby quickly became my favorite pen and nestled right in to its new home in my teacher planner :)
What I love about this pen is that it writes so smoothly and doesn't bleed through...score!
I may have doodled quite a bit with it... :)
Another cool thing about these fun Sharpie products?
They are way cheaper over at!
So head on over now and getcha some :)

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