Friday, February 3, 2012


Hey yall! Whew, it has been a loooonnnnng week. Sorry I have been MIA, but things have just been crazy hectic this week. This has been my schedule for the past week:

  • 7-4 Work, work, work. Teach, teach, teach. Mold, mold, mold.
  • 4:30-5:15 Scarf down something for dinner. This week has been full of frozen dinners...eck.
  • 5:15-9:30 Drive, babysit, drive.
  • 9:31 Pass out. see where my lack of posting comes from :)

And I still have 5 more days of this just waiting for me...yay. I just keep reminding myself money, money, money.

Moving on. We had some fun stuff going on this week, along with some not so fun some benchmark testing. Does anybody else have to take benchmark tests 4 times a year for both reading and math? These are not my favorite days. Mainly because its mandatory for the whole school to be silent for 2 hours...and we all know how well that works out. My littles always finish their tests within the first hour, so then I have to keep them quietly occupied for the next hour. Hmm...better stop before I get myself in trouble :)

On Monday, we had a guest speaker come and talk to us about sound. She is a parent of one of my former students and works as a sound engineer. I'm not sure the littles were as fascinated by her presentation as I was, but they did seem to enjoy watching popcorn jump from sound vibrations.

We also explored sound with a tuning fork. Ever use one of those before? Neither had I, but boy was it fun! It was pretty neat to actually feel the sound vibrations, and then when I hit the fork and touched it to a glass of water, the water sprayed everywhere! My firsties pretty much thought it was the most awesome thing ever...and I might tend to agree :)

Yesterday, we read 3 different groundhog day books:

They really liked all these books, but they especially loved Substitute Groundhog. It might have had something to do with my Texan armadillo accent...

After we read the books, we discussed burrows and hibernation. Then we made these adorable groundhogs, stolen from Cara at The First Grade Parade. She is amazing, isn't she? I mean, why come up with my own activity when she already has an adorable one, right? They turned out super cute. See for yourself.

Alright, well, this girl is off to the Cheesecake Factory :) Happy Friday, yall!

P.S. I was nominated for 2 differeny bloggy awards...whoo-hoo! I promise to be back tomorrow to accept and share!


  1. Testing four times a year? That does not sound like much fun.

    Forever in First

  2. As I was just starting to type this I got a notification to my phone that you had commented on my blog! HAHA too funny :) Love the groundhogs and LOVE Cheesecake factory! Bloggy BFF'S but of course!

  3. I can only imagine how tired you are, I know the feeling!! It'll get better!

    The Daily Alphabet

  4. Thanks for the sweet comments yall!



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