Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Mid Week Randomness

Hey yall! This girl is all kinds of excited, because I am done with my nightly babysitting! Wahoo! I'm telling you what, this past week has been exhausting. So, because my brain is still fried and trying to play catch up, tonight's post is complete randomness.

On Monday, we had all the students bring in an apple from home and we had an apple math day! First, we graphed our apples by color. My littles were super excited to create their own graph paper with rulers! They felt very professional :) Then we measured the circumference of our apples. We also busted out the pan balance, and took turns weighing the different apples.

The last thing we did was make our own apple trees and write number stories. We have been working so hard on comparing number stories and writing number models, so this was perfect for them! I love that they all turned out so different, and my littles did such a great job! It was definitely a proud teaching moment :)

This one made a little bird nest in his tree! So creative.
 I have been so busy this week printing, cutting, and laminating stuff for our Valentine's centers. I wish that I had the time like some of you to do this fun stuff for weeks, but alas, we only get one day. Drats. I'm sure that I have way too much  more stuff planned than I can ever dream of getting to, and I blame that on all of you! I have found too much cute stuff to pass up on! Anyways, this craziness just forced me to have this for breakfast...

And it was soooo worth the calories!

This morning, during our reading centers, I sat on the carpet with a group to do some guided reading. At one point, I noticed that some of my reading girls were making themselves uber cozy. And this is exactly like it should be!

They just looked too cute, so I snapped a quick picture :)

Oh, and I know I'm a little late, but I'm linking up with Farley over at Oh Boy Fourth Grade for her Currently series.

Alright, time for this girl to catch up on some Parenthood and Teen Mom 2.

Happy Wednesday, yall!

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