Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom Digs: 2013-2014

Hey yall!
Its my favorite day of Teacher Week...classroom tour day!
We started school yesterday, so my class is in full swing. However, there are a few things that I still need to work on over the next week or so. You may not notice the things that are missing {or my students for that matter}, but I certainly know they're not there! Our classrooms are always a work in progress, aren't they? I am pretty sure I end up adding/changing things every year.
Anyways, here we go: my 5th grade classroom!
Here is the outside of my door. I love my little chalkboard square I got at Wal-Mart and the chalkboard sign with my name on it is from Hobby Lobby. I covered up the ugly brown sign, because it still says Pre-K {even though its probably been years since there was actually a Pre-K class in there). Since we are departmentalized in 5th, the chalkboard square will be where I write notes about things students need to bring to class that day or important 5th grade info.

This is the view when you walk into the room. Let's just start to the right and work our way around.
To the immediate right of the door, you'll find my conflict resolution wall and visitor's desk {school requirement}. The desk will hold my lesson plans binder, data binder, and conference binder. The peacemaker posters are from the amazing Cara and the friendship posters are from sweet Lyndsey.
These are my standards-based bulletin board. We have really strict requirements about these boards, but I won't bore you with the details. They will soon be full of student work, commentary, rubrics, standards, etc., etc., etc....
The banner says "Welcome to 5th Grade." You can purchase it here.
Student cubbies with their toolboxes. Each toolbox holds the essentials {pencil, colored pencils, glue, scissors, etc). Since we are departmentalized, each student in each class will have a number and they will use the toolboxes that correspond to their number. Note: even though I made 24 toolboxes, I only have 12 students as of today.
Another view of the cubbies. I got those awesome little baskets at Big Lots {2 for $1.20!!!}
This is the sink area and student mailboxes. Students are responsible for getting everything out of their mailboxes and putting it in their folders. These will also be numbered, so that multiple classes can use them. The green basket holds extra copies, so if a student loses something, they can find an extra copy of it there. The black baskets will hold....something :) Hand washing sign from Lyndsey :)
Small group table. The black squares are actually chalkboard contact paper, so the students can write directly on them and wipe them off when their done. The little can on the table holds chalk and chalkboard markers. I'm thinking now that I might go back and add a duct tape border to those squares...
Classroom jobs. I still need to add some {and fix the misspelled one...can you find it???} and a header. The glare from the lamination really makes these look dull, but in real life they are bright and colorful. These can be found in my Bright Chalkboard pack.
The is the view from the sink area.
Computer station. I am supposed to have 5 computers, but that hasn't happened yet. I'm thinking I'll need a bigger table when it does...
This is the calendar and rules board above the computers. The calendar set is from my Bright Chalkboard pack and the WBT rules were a freebie on my Facebook page.
The posters above are the birthday posters. That white space will hold a 4x6 picture of the kids holding a sign with their actual birthday written on it. For example, all the kids that have January birthdays will write their numbers on a chalkboard and stand together. I'll take their group picture and hang it on the poster. Make sense? This was definitely not my idea...I stole the idea from Randi :) I will post them as a freebie over on my FB page.
This is the door to our bathrooms. I put some of that black chalkboard contact paper up and used duct tape as a border. This is where I will write nightly homework.
Reading genres posters are from Rachel. Love this board! Her awesome pack actually has like 30 posters in it, but I just chose the ones that are mentioned in 5th grade CCGPS.
Reading strategies posters are from Lyndsey. See that black wicker chair? I rescued two of those babies from the trash! A new coat of paint and a colorful pillow make them perfect for my library :)
I made these READ letters last year, but they were a little torn up from the move. I just gave them a new look! If you have noticed those adorable subway art frames, I snagged those from Hope. I spread them all around the room and my kiddos love them! I heard them counting how many there were yesterday :)
The reading corner. I bought the carpets {it's actually two put together} from Wal-Mart and the pillow from Big Lots.
My pathetic book shelf. Since I was moving from 1st, I didn't have many chapter books {besides Junie B.} so these are just the books that came with the 5th grade classroom. I'm sure this area will grow as the year progresses. I LOVE that blue chair that I snagged at Christmas Tree Shops! The owl print is from Ikea.
See that banner up there? I got it at Wal-Mart, but quickly realized I needed another one to balance out the wall. They were out :(
View from the library. I am DYING to hang some lanterns, but our district won't allow us to hang anything from the ceilings :( They would make such a big difference, though!
My massive teacher desk. I seriously could do with one that is half this size, but that puppy was not budging. I know some teachers have chosen to forgo their desks, and even though I am never there during the day, I love having my own space in the afternoons to sit and plan.
I have a couple other banners that I need to hang on that ugly maroon thing, though! Those desks in front have pencil buckets, hand sanitizer, tissues, and the rack to turn in student work. The bulletin board behind my desk is where I'll put all those nonsense important papers we get from admin. Trust me, it will soon be filled!
View from my desk
To the right of the desk. The vowel posters are from Lindsey. The green, pink, and blue buckets are for holding table pom-poms.
Our schedule....but not really. My dear friend Rachel that help me set up those last crucial hours put these up for me, but they are not in the right order. I also need to make a header. Again, I hate how dull they look in these pictures! You can buy these here.
Those hamburger and hotdog hold it, fold it posters are from Mary. The cute no name sign was made by a coworker and the alphabet posters can be found in my Bright Chalkboard pack.
These pocket charts will hold our vocabulary and spelling words each week. I really wish I had two more purple charts, but I haven't seen them in awhile :(
This is our word wall. Since 5th grade is new to me, I wasn't sure how to handle this task. Our county uses Fry's word lists, so I took all 10 lists {1,000 words!) and wrote them on index cards. Students can use these cards to help them with spelling while their writing. They are mobile, so students can use them as needed. Again, not my idea! I saw this from Kristen.
What do writers write pencil is from Cara and Lindsey. The punctuation posters are from Rachelle. Don't you just love this bloggy community???
My room had these extra four cubbies to the right of the door in this cozy little alcove. I thought it would make a nice area to house all of our writing materials, but there isn't actually room for a desk or anything. I'm also using it to store all those leveled readers. Writer's eye posters from Cara :)
This is immediately to the left of the door when you walk in. Students will move their clips each day and the student that has the Attendance job will check to see who isn't here for the day. These are also found in my Bright Chalkboard pack.
This is on the back of our door. I got it at Target in the Dollar Spot! I also plan on making some vinyl letters that same "Reminders" at the top. This is where I will write any reminders for my students as they are leaving the classroom.
After looking back at all these pictures, I am just overwhelmed at how much stuff I have gotten from all you amazing teachers out there. Seriously....what would I do without this bloggy community???
Special thanks and shout-out to these ladies for making my room look fabulous:
Lindsey at the teacher wife
So that's it! I still feel like there is stuff I need to do, but we're running with it for now :)
Off to check out everyone's classrooms!


  1. Your room is so cute. I love all of the chalkboard items. So fun and fresh

  2. Looks beautiful! There are so many great areas, I just love it all. Thanks so much for the shout out!

  3. I am in LOVE with your classroom - especially all the chalkboard and chevron accents :)

    Anisa @ Creative Undertakings


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