Thursday, August 1, 2013

Currently Excited!

Hey yall!
Can you believe it's August 1st??? I died when I saw Krystal post this on her FB page today... {pardon the language!}
Photo: Haha! (Sorry for those offended by the bad word.) #backtoschoolpeeps
I have been in serious denial the last few weeks, but now I am in full-on back to school mode. The best thing about the fact that its August? Its time for a Currently!
Anybody watch the Discovery show Naked and Afraid? The title is pretty silly, but the show itself is fascinating! Each episode features a male and female that are dropped off somewhere, completely naked and with only 2 survival items {of their choice}. They have to live in the wilderness for 21 days and learn to survive. Seriously...its amazing. Go watch it.
I'm geeking out over here, because tomorrow I'm heading up with Elizabeth and Brandee to Greenville for the big bloggy meet-up! It's an overnight stay with lots on the agenda and I cannot wait! Want to see what shenanigans 30 teachers get into this weekend? Follow me on Instagram for pic updates!
I finally took the plunge and went into the school on Monday. Our county had sent out a mass email that stated they would not be turning on any A/C until the first day of preplanning on the 7th. Well, Open House is on the 9th and every teacher in our building is moving classrooms, so I knew I would be working in the heat. But boy, I was totally unprepared for how hot it would actually be! Georgia in the summer is like a freakin' sauna, and my room was well over 90 degrees. I got some work done, though! I went back in today to work some more and by some miracle, my air was working!
PTL for A/C! I feel much better about the progress I made today, so I'm hoping to finish it up on Monday. Its starting to come together and I'm in love with my new theme!
B2S must haves:
1. Teacher planner: every teacher needs a good planner. How else are you going to keep track of all those PDs, RTI meetings, faculty meetings, parent conferences, collaborative plannings, etc....??? Last year, I splurged and bought an Erin Condren teacher planner. I loved it, but honestly didn't utilize it like I should have for the price. So this year I found one on TPT and I am obsessed with it!
Click on the picture to grab your planner from Tiffany Ford...only $15!
Here's why I'm obsessed:
*its editable, meaning I can go in and add information myself. See that cute cover up there? I added my own text and clipart, so it depicts my own personal style.
*it has EVERYTHING I could possibly need in a planner!
*I can print only the portions that I need and forgo all the extras that I know I won't use. Personally, I type up all my lesson plans, so I don't need to handwrite pages and pages in my planner.
*the price! It was a steal for $15! Now, I am planning on taking it to Staples to have them print and bind it, so I'm sure it will cost another $10 or so to do that, but still....much cheaper than what I spent last year!
2. Coffee, coffee, coffee! It you are like me, you stayed up way too late over the summer. I am a night owl, so if I don't have to be up early for something, I won't be. And let's just say there wasn't a whole lot I had to get up super early for this summer :) My coffee will help ease me back into those early mornings.
3. Cleaning wipes. After being in my classroom these last couple of days, I realized how dusty everything gets over the summer. I've already gone through a whole pack of cleaning wipes, but yet still have a ton left to clean. I like to start the year out fresh, without any of last year's grime.
That's it for me, friends! Head on over and link up with Farley :)
Oh' boy fourth grade


  1. 2 of my must haves were the same as yours, funny! Love my planner and my coffee!

    Enjoyed reading your currently.
    Hodges Herald

  2. Have fun at the bloggy meet-up!!! Jealous of all of you! I went to my classroom today but just couldn't make myself work too much.

  3. Oof, we meet our students tomorrow. Then school starts next Wednesday. I type up all my plans as well. It goes much faster on the computer and I can put in more. My handwriting is horrible. Sorry, Ms. Mcdonough (my third grade teacher).

  4. Have fun at your bloggy meet up! They are so fun!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  5. I wish I could go to Greenville tomorrow. 3.5 hour drive and no babysitter made it impossible :( Have a great time!
    My Second Sense

  6. I can't wait to see you tomorrow!!!

    Fun in Room 4B

  7. So, I'm jealous you had air! Mine surely was not working today! Lol.
    I am also declaring us blog friends! ;) We have so much in common, including that we bought the same dang planner!

    Have fun this weekend!

    Creative Ideas for the Upper Elementary Classroom

  8. I live in Georgia too and I don't think I could handle working in my classroom without air! I admire you for that dedication!
    Mrs. Cobb's Kindersprouts

  9. Woo Hoo Roomie!!! I love love love that comic you have in this post! I can't help but laugh everytime I see it! (yes I have a problem with using exclamation marks) It was amazing getting to hang out with you even more this year. Can't wait to do it again!

    Twins, Teaching and Tacos


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