Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Christmas came EARLY!!!

Hey yall!
Have you all been shopping up a storm???
My cart was FULL of some amazing goodies...
But then this little lady had to stop and gain some control. I *sadly* put away a few units that I don't have to have right now, with the resolution that I will get them at the next big sale.
I did allow myself 4 units that I am planning on using this month, and I surprised myself by only having 1 Christmas unit left in my cart!
Here's my goodies from the sale:
My kiddos really, really struggle with punctuation. Since I started two months already into the school year, I hadn't taught any formal lessons on punctuation, thinking they must have already introduced punctuation. Big mistake...
 Anna always has amazing stuff, and I am never disappointed when I purchase her items. I've had an eye on this one for awhile, so it was the first thing to go in my cart :) After looking through this pack, I am already thinking how I am going to spend all the time I'll save by using these quick and ready response sheets!
My sweet friend Lyndsey always has the cutest stuff! I have a ton of her posters hanging around my room, and they make everything look so bright and friendly! Well, my kiddos need some friendly right about now...
My littles really struggle with being kind and respectful with each other. I have mentioned before the stress I have been under just trying to get my students managed in order to teach, and most of this stress comes from their interactions with each other. They just seem to not really understand the proper way to speak to others, so this pack will be a lifesaver {and stress saver!} for me.
Remember that 1 Christmas item I said made the cut? Well, this was it! My students need some serious practice with sentences, and this Christmas themed pack is the perfect match! I plan to put these in my early finishers bucket to have my kiddos work on in their spare time.
Soo....what kind of goodies have yall bought this week??? You still have a couple of hours to shop....what are you waiting for?


  1. Great finds Natalie!! I have Michelle's punctuation pack and my kids LOVE it - it has helped a ton!! And you can't go wrong with anything by Lyndsey!

    Happy holidays! :)

    T.G.I.F. (Thank God it's First Grade!)


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