Saturday, November 17, 2012

Stuffed with Thankful Thoughts!

Hey yall!
I feel like I have been super neglectful lately. Its been over a week since my last post..yikes!
Sorry about that :)
I would go through the whole explanation thing, but I'm sure yall are tired of hearing just how dang busy I've been lately, so I'll spare you the details.
I am *officially* on Thanksgiving break, so you probably won't see much of me for the next week either :)
So do you know Lyndsey from a year of many firsts???
She is such a doll and I absolutely adore her stuff! Well, she is having a fun linky so I thought I would join in!

Some things I am thankful for:
1. My hubs! He is always there for me no matter what, and supports me in all that I do. He makes me laugh every. single. day. and that is what keeps me sane.

2. My family! I have been blessed with the world's most amazing family and I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world. I am the youngest of 5, so we have a large family. Just within my immediate family there is 18 of us!

Me with my Momma, sisters, sisters-in-law, and niece!
3. My job! Even though I have been struggling a bit with this bunch, I am still so thankful to have a job that I look forward to going to and making a difference to these kiddos...even though they drive me 12 kinds of insane sometimes!
4. A break! Although I am so thankful for my job, I am even more thankful for the opportunity to have such nice breaks :) We are out all of next week, so this little lady has 9 whole days to spend with family!
5. My pups! These sweet babies make me smile and give me a love I cannot describe. They definitely make life more interesting :)

Dude...the world's most snuggliest dog! crabby old lady!
Now I'm off to spend some time with my #1 before I leave him on Monday. I'm heading up with my folks to visit my sister and brother in Kentucky for Thanksgiving, but the poor guy is stuck at home thanks to his new j-o-b.
Also, before I go, Heather and Juli over at Simple in Second are having a 100 follower giveaway! I donated an item from my store, so head on over to enter! I got the opportunity to meet these sweet ladies at our bloggy meetup in September, and I am just loving their blog! I know you will, too!



  1. I'm the fifth of six kids...Only one of us was a boy...poor guy!! y'all look the same! What a gorgeous family! I'm thankful I have your blog to visit!
    Owl Things First!

  2. Aww! Such a sweet post. Thanks so much for linking up! Miss ya girl! xoxoxo


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