Monday, March 4, 2013

Finger Lights + Dark Room = Reading!

Hey yall!
Well, it happened again....
Monday's here!
My kiddos were a little bonkers today and could just not seem to focus. It didn't help that it was picture day, which completely threw off our schedule.
When it came time for independent reading, I knew they were going to have some trouble just settling down with a book.
Good thing these bad boys came in the other day!!!
What are those crazy contraptions, you ask?
Finger lights!
I first saw about these when Lindsey from the teacher wife posted how she used them with her guided reading groups. I thought they looked cool, but didn't really look into buying any. I guess I thought they might be expensive or something?
Then I saw Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies posted how she found them on sale at Amazon. 40 lights for $5.50? Ummm...yes please!!!
I ordered them on the spot, and they were here in no time! Seriously, like 4 days or something. And they couldn't have come at a better time, because my littles definitely needed some motivation today.
As a extra little bonus, I even turned the lights out and let my kiddos read with them. I opened up our windows so there was a little light coming through, but the finger lights allowed them to see just fine! And the best part was they could really only see one word at a time, so it really kept them focused.
Take a look at all those focused faces...

The lights were actually off when I took these, but my flash was on. They were all reading different Dr. Seuss books :)
Now, aren't you dying for some finger lights of your own???
Go check out Amazon!


  1. I NEED those lights NOW! What a great idea. Your students look so engaged reading. :)

  2. I'm heading to Amazon right now!! Thanks for posting!!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  3. Absolutely! Just ordered mine! I've been wondering where I could find these! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Primary Inspired

  4. I just placed my order! Thanks for reminding me about these little wonders.

  5. I totally bought them when Jennifer posted, too!! They came over the weekend! :)
    A Cupcake for the Teacher


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