Saturday, May 11, 2013

Five for Friday {on a Saturday}

Hey yall!
Happy Saturday! This was the first Saturday is awhile that I haven't been saddled with homework, so its been nice to just sleep in and relax this morning.
I missed my favorite weekly link up yesterday, so I'm catching up today!
Here we go with five random pictures from my week...
1. Last Saturday, I went to a Mother's Day brunch with my momma (who just happened to plan the whole thing!) at our church. These were the adorable favors that we got! I love how simple, yet beautiful they are and have them currently displayed on our mantle.
2. When we went on our field trip a couple of weeks ago to a local dairy farm, the kids had a chance to help make butter. They begged me to do it again, so of course I obliged! We had just finished up our unit on economics, so we talked about how we were being producers by making the butter. Then we slathered it on some crackers and had a yummy snack!
3. In science, we've been talking about light and shadows. To kick off our unit, I put the kiddos in groups and let them brainstorm different sources of light. Then I gave them some chart paper and they made posters. I was pretty impressed with what they came up with! In case you can't tell, those are pictures of a street light, a flash light, the sun, and a vacuum light.
4. Thursday was our field day, and we had so much fun! The kiddos loved competing in all the different activities and we even got ribbons for placing 2nd in our grade level! Then we went inside for lunch in the classroom and finished the day out with a movie. Exhausting, but fun!
5. Thursday was also my sweet Abby's 9th birthday! She is getting pretty gray, especially around her head and ears. And talk about cranky! But I love my cranky, gray haired baby girl :)
Now that we are down to only 10 days of school left, I've got to get my balloon countdown ready! My kiddos really loved it last year, so I'm hoping this group does as well. We are going to be doing some activites from my Balloon Poppin' Fun freebie. Click on the picture to grab your copy and be sure to buy some balloons! There are enough activites for this to be done for the last 15 days, if you are so inclined.
Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Hi Natalie!
    So nice to meet you through the linky!
    Your blog is so adorable!
    Loved reading about your farm field trip extension activities! We just visited a local farm too and each year, the kids are buzzing with excitement to plant more trees, milk more cows, and feed more chickens!
    Happy to be a new follower!
    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  2. Nice to find you through the linky. I love your header! The balloon count down sounds like something my kids would love! i'm a new follower! Cute blog!


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