Thursday, May 23, 2013

Student Gifts {freebie!}

Hey yall!
Well, its here! Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kiddos. Its always a bittersweet day for me, because even though I am absolutely giddy to have a nice, long break, I am definitely going to miss my babies!
We are going to spend tomorrow just reflecting on our past year and what we have learned. We will be comparing some of our first writings of the year to our writing now. I can't wait to see their reactions! I am definitely proud of their progress, and I know they are going to be excited as well. My littles are *almost* big 2nd graders now!
I am also going to be handing out my student gifts. Last year, I spent a lot of time and energy making photo tiles for my kiddos. The kiddos thought they were cool and the parents really appreciated them! However, this year, I went cheap and easy.
I found these cool tie dye sunglasses at The Dollar Tree and BOOM!
I tried to get some good pictures of them, but my camera phone is not working with me.
If you want the tags, click on the picture below. I took off my name {obviously}, but you can always write in your name with a neon gel pen or something!
Please leave me some love if you grab a copy!
Now, off to relax and get ready for the last day!!!


  1. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing! :)

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